To view a properly formatted EDGAR text or .txt file, follow these instructions.

  1. Save the document to your hard drive from your e-mail program. DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK TO ACCESS THIS TEXT FILE.
  2. Open Word from the Start Menu.
  3. At the top of your program click on Tool and then Options.
  4. Under General - place a tick on Confirm Conversion at Open then Okay.
  5. Put your cursor on File and click on Open and at the bottom of the dialogue box where it asks for Files of Type: pick "all files".
  6. Navigate to the document that you saved, highlight it and click on open.
  7. When it asks where to convert file from choose "Text Only" at the top and click on okay.
  8. Highlight the entire document by using CtrlA.
  9. At the top left of your screen in Word, place your cursor on File and under File click on Page Set-up.
  10. Set the top, bottom, left and right margins to .4 inches and the rest to 0 - click on Okay. If the box says Fix or Ignore, - click on Ignore.
  11. With the text still all highlighted, set the Font to "Courier New" and the pitch to "7" (the number 7 has to be typed in because it's too small to be an option).
  12. Under View choose Zoom and set it to 150% so that you can see the document properly.
  13. Click anywhere in your document to get rid of the highlighting.

Now your document should be set up the correct way.