Our SEC EDGAR Filing Process

Start by setting up an account with us; we will invoice you for our services. In the case of a large initial filing we may require a deposit in advance of the filing.

Our filing process is composed the following steps:

  1. Let us know your CCC and CIK codes and provide any special instructions.

  2. If your filing includes fees we will confirm the fees owing and ensure there are sufficient funds in your SEC bank account. We will also check to ensure your filing codes are correct and in working order.

  3. E-mail the documents to be filed to office@newsfilecorp.com and give us a call to ensure we have received your message.

  4. Our staff will convert the submitted documents into the SEC EDGAR HTML format. Please note we can EDGARize documents from paper or most popular word processing, spreadsheet or desktop publishing software.

  5. We will place a copy of your EDGAR filing on our proofs server for your review. EDGAR filings on our secure proofs server are accessible via a web browser and make use of a username and password for security purposes.

  6. Once we receive your final approval we will formally submit the filing to the SEC on your behalf. Once the filing has been accepted by the SEC the email acceptance letter is forwarded to you. An invoice for our services will be emailed shortly afterwards.

Process FAQs

What exactly does EDGARization mean?

EDGARization is the process of converting parent documents - MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Word Perfect, etc - into acceptable SEC EDGAR ASCII or HTML format. Once EDGARized, the documents can be submitted to the SEC via the EDGAR system.

How long will it take to EDGARize a document?

As an approximation of the time required use a conversion rate of 15 pages per hour. For example, a Form 10-Q consisting of approximately 25 pages will take anywhere from 2-3 hours to prepare in an acceptable format.