There are a series of steps that all organizations must complete to make the transition from SEDAR to SEDAR+ (referred to as "SEDAR+ Onboarding"). If you have already onboarded independently or with the assistance of another third party, please learn how to authorize Newsfile to submit filings to SEDAR+ on your behalf.

We are here to provide support throughout the process.

Onboarding Requirements

As your filing agent, Newsfile will assist you with the required steps to register your company with SEDAR+. There are three documents each company will need to complete and provide to Newsfile to get set up:

  1. Electronic Filer Agreement (EFA)
    • For ALL organizations that file on SEDAR+
    • Must be completed by every organization to set up issuer profiles and to submit filings
  2. Filing Agent Authorization Form (FAAF)
    • For companies, investment funds, and third party filers that use filing agents
    • Grants filing agents permission to complete filings on SEDAR+ on the issuer's behalf
  3. One of the following Supplementary Information Forms. Organizations must provide new account and issuer profile supplementary information. This form contains new required fields for SEDAR+. Some information that was previously optional in Legacy SEDAR, will now be required in SEDAR+.


Please review the instructions prior to completing the necessary forms. The forms must be in an electronic format (no scans or graphics!). The FAAF must be signed either by typing a conformed signature using the "fill and sign" feature of your PDF viewer or by inserting an image of your signature. The CSA will not accept agreements executed with Docusign or similar applications. Please do not use the "print to PDF" function as the CSA will not accept the printed agreements.

Next Steps

Avoid the SEDAR+ onboarding rush and get started early!

Download and electronically complete the EFA, FAAF, and the appropriate Supplementary Information Form. Email the completed forms to our team at office@newsfilecorp.com for processing.

Points of Clarification

Designating a Secondary Filing Agent

Granting authority to Newsfile will not prevent you from authorizing other agents, such as law firms, from submitting filings on your behalf.

You simply need to complete, sign and send a FAAF to your chosen secondary filer for authorization. However, only 1 EFA may be submitted per entity.

Choosing to Submit Your Own EFA

You may decide to submit your own EFA and Supplementary Information Form, or have another agent do so.

However, if you would still like to authorize Newsfile to submit filings through SEDAR+ on your behalf, you only need to complete the FAAF.

In this case, you may adjust the permissions check boxes on the FAAF to include only the filing types and/or services you want Newsfile to handle.