News Editorial Guidelines

Last Updated April 11, 2024

Newsfile publishes press releases of interest to the financial community and the general public. Our team may refuse to disseminate a press release for the following reasons:

  • Poor headline — The headline lacked a news angle and/or attribution to the Source distributing the press release.
  • Advertisement or SPAM — The press release reads like an advertisement or SPAM. Examples of these words and phrases include FREE, "Make Money", "Don't miss this opportunity!", SALE!!!!
  • Poor newsworthiness — The press release does not have sufficient news value for distribution.
  • Poor writing quality — The press release is poorly written and/or does not make sense. The press release is written in narratives outside the format of a press release. (Ex: advertisements, articles, listicles, blogs, op-eds or feature pieces, with first or second person and non-objective narratives).
  • Lack credible contact information — The press release contains incomplete or lack of credible contact information.
  • Keyword spamming — Blatantly excessive keywords or phrases in the headline and body of the press release.
  • Prohibited content — The press release contains prohibited content which may include the following:
    • Personal opinions — We will not distribute content intended to harm or exact personal revenge against a person or group.
    • Blog posts — Blog posts, general interest articles, "open letters" and the like usually lack attribution and/or news value.
    • Defamatory or intent to harm — This content is defined as anything deemed intended to: incite, advocate or express hatred, bigotry, racism, or gratuitous violence; promote personal opinions attacking an individual or group; maliciously affect a company's stock; or stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, shame or victimize an individual or group.
    • Sexually explicit content — We do not accept content about sexually explicit material or products. Press releases should not contain references or links to explicitly sexual material, illegal material, or profane language.
    • Comparisons — There can be no "piggybacking" or comparisons to other companies/entities/products.
    • Opinions and advice — There can be no advice or investment opinion stated in the press releases. This includes but is not limited to: promises of profit/revenue/income, passive income, an advantage in investment/playing/earning, or increases of wealth/savings.
    • Medical/Health Content — We do not accept content about unreviewed, unregulated or unsubstantiated health supplements, medicine, surgical treatments or pharmaceuticals that can prevent or cure COVID19 or any other illness or condition. This includes but is not limited to supplements for sexual enhancement, dietary/weight-loss supplements, and the like.
    • Expected purpose of release — Press releases are meant to convey an announcement or message from an identifiable entity and therefore the first paragraph should identify the source and the purpose of the press release.
    • Get rich schemes — We do not accept content about how to get rich, networking marketing and MLM schemes.
    • Piggybacking — Unauthorized use of another issuer's name and/or ticker symbol in the press release.
    • Celebrity mentions — Unauthorized use of a celebrity’s name and likeness. Authorized consent and/or documentation must be provided from a verifiable contact such as a legal representative, estate, or management team.
    • Self-promotion — We do not accept content on self-promotion to boost an individual’s profile. This content will be deemed to be non-newsworthy.
    • Unsubstantiated claims — Unreviewed, unregulated, and unsubstantiated claims for medicine, surgical treatment or devices that can prevent or cure COVID-19.
    • Inappropriate associations — Content that implies false official government association.
    • Unapproved home testing kits — Content that promotes home testing kits for medical conditions that have not received Regulatory Clearance and Approval.

Additional Guidelines for Crypto Assets

These guidelines are in place for crypto assets in addition to the general guidelines above.

  • Listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) — All Crypto Assets must be listed on CoinMarketCap as a Tracked Listing or ICO. This includes NFTs, platforms, wallets, and exchanges.
  • NFT Projects & Collections — CoinMarketCap uses data partners to list verified NFTs. NFTs must be listed as a Tracked Listing or Verified NFT on at least one of the data partners used by CoinMarketCap. For a list of Data Partners, please visit
  • Mining Rigs, Cloud Miners and Farming — Press Releases regarding Mining Rigs, Cloud Miners, Crypto Farms or Farming are NOT accepted on our network.
  • Crypto Scam Recovery Services — Press Releases regarding Recovery Services, Theft Asset Recovery and Scam Recovery are NOT accepted on our network. 
  • Verified contact — A verifiable contact person and corresponding contact information needs to be provided with every press release.
  • Bitcoin Mixers, Bitcoin Tumblers, Cryptocurrency Tumblers and Cryptocurrency Mixing Services — Press Releases regarding Bitcoin Mixers/Services, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Tumblers and Cryptocurrency Mixing Services are NOT accepted on our network.
  • Copyright Infringement — Tokens or NFTs that infringe on existing copyright laws will not be allowed. This pertains to tokens using copyrighted or trademarked names as well as its likeness to benefit themselves.
  • Crypto ETFs — Crypto ETFs will need to have a tracked listing on CoinMarketCap.