Top Tips for EDGAR Success

Below are 6 tips that will help ensure your EDGAR filings are converted and submitted to the SEC in a timely and accurate manner.

Obtain Filing Codes

To file a document via the SEC EDGAR system you require the appropriate access codes (CIK & CCC codes). These codes are obtained when you submit a Form ID to register as an SEC EDGAR filer. Often these codes need to be tracked down (especially if your company hasn't been filing on EDGAR regularly).

Send Fedwire Fee Payment

Filings requiring fees often fail due to insufficient funds. Ensure that you have fedwired the appropriate fees to the SEC at least 2 business days prior to filing the associated documents. It is also recommended that the SEC fee unit be contacted at 202-942-8989 prior to the submission of the filing to ensure that the fees have arrived.

We can confirm the amount of fees owing for a filing prior to you sending a fedwire.

Follow Formatting Suggestions

To ensure a timely and accurate conversion please follow our formatting suggestions when preparing your documents.

Confirm Email by Phone

When sending us documents for EDGAR filing via email please call us to ensure we have received them.

Allow Sufficient Time

The process of submitting an EDGAR filing requires time to convert, review, and submit the included documents. The less time available to complete this process the greater the possibility of errors and omissions. If you are anticipating filing a large document (100+ pages) please inform us in advance so we can make preparations to ensure timely filing.

Review EDGAR Proof

While our staff conducts a careful review of all documents before they are submitted to the SEC it is recommended a proof also be reviewed by you.