The SEC has modernized the requirements of Form 13F reporting. Form 13F filings in ASCII format are no longer accepted. The new format, XML, allows computers to efficiently scrutinize all aspects of Form 13F, including the holdings summary.
Simply complete our Form 13F Excel template, define your filtering options, and Newsfile will prepare and file the Form 13F on your behalf. Our cost effective solution makes Newsfile an easy choice.
Complete Form 13F Spreadsheet Complete Spreadsheet
Complete our Form 13F spreadsheet template to include cover page information, other managers reporting, other included managers, and information table data. Why report more than what you're required? Select filtering options to remove holdings that do not appear in the 13F official list or meet the minimum requirements.
Send Form 13F Spreadsheet to Newsfile Send to Newsfile
Submit the completed Form 13F spreadsheet via email or the Compliance Management Portal to our team along with your filing instructions. Using proprietary software, Newsfile will generate the Form 13F XML data for filing and an accompanying proof for your review.
Review Form 13F proof before it is sent for filing to SEC EDGAR Review Proof
Review the Form 13F XML code and an HTML preview securely online. The HTML preview is based on the official SEC 13F template and reflects how it will appear once filed on the SEC web site. If filtering options are selected, review a report illustrating the adjustments our software made to information table data.
Approve Form 13F filing for submission to SEC EDGAR Approve
Provide your approval to file. Newsfile will submit the Form 13F XML data to the SEC EDGAR system and provide you with an email acceptance message.
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About Form 13F

Institutional investment managers who exercise investment discretion over $100 million or more in Section 13(f) securities must report their holdings on Form 13F with the SEC EDGAR system. Form 13F requires disclosure of the names of institutional investment managers, the names of the securities they manage and the class of securities, the CUSIP number, the number of shares owned, and the total market value of each security.

The securities that institutional investment managers must report on Form 13F are found on what is known as the Official List of Section 13(f) Securities. The Official List is published quarterly and is available for free on the SEC's website.

Form 13F-HR vs. Form 13F-NT

If all of your Section 13(f) securities are listed on your Form 13F, you are filing a 13F Holdings Report under Form type 13F-HR.

If some of your Section 13(f) securities are listed on your Form 13F and the rest of your Section 13(f) securities are listed on someone else's Form 13F, you are filing a 13F Combination Report under Form type 13F-HR.

If none of your Section 13(f) securities is listed on your Form 13F because all of your Section 13(f) securities are reported on someone else's Form 13F, you are filing a 13F Notice under Form type 13F-NT.

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