All companies will be required to give filers authorization to file corporate documents on their behalf. No authorizations will be grandfathered over to the new SEDAR+ platform.

To complete authorizations, companies will be required to grant authorization to their chosen filers.

By providing us with a Filing Agent Authorization Form (FAAF), you will grant Newsfile authorization to file on behalf of your company.

You will need to have gone through the onboarding process before you can authorize Newsfile to file on SEDAR+ on your behalf.

Required SEDAR+ Forms

Given you have already completed the onboarding process and are already a SEDAR+ filer, we require you to complete and submit a Filing Agent Authorization Form (FAAF):

  1. Filing Agent Authorization Form (FAAF)
    • For companies, investment funds, and third party filers that use filing agents
    • Grants filing agents permission to complete filings on SEDAR+ on the issuer's behalf

Please note: In some instances, the CSA is asking for a copy of the EFA to be submitted along with the FAAF while requesting filing authority over a profile. We will contact you if the CSA requires an EFA to be submitted with our request.


Please review the instructions prior to completing the necessary forms. The forms must be in an electronic format (no scans or graphics!). The FAAF must be signed either by typing a conformed signature using the "fill and sign" feature of your PDF viewer or by inserting an image of your signature. The CSA will not accept agreements executed with Docusign or similar applications. Please do not use the "print to PDF" function as the CSA will not accept the printed agreements.

Next Steps

Avoid the SEDAR+ onboarding rush and get started early!

Download and electronically complete the FAAF and email the completed forms to our team at for processing.

Points of Clarification

Designating a Secondary Filing Agent

Granting authority to Newsfile will not prevent you from authorizing other agents, such as law firms, from submitting filings on your behalf.

You simply need to complete, sign and send a FAAF to your chosen secondary filer for authorization.