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Share Press Releases with Stakeholders by Email

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Email Lists for your Press Release Distribution

Create a Mailing List

Leverage our mailing list features to automatically email a copy of your press release to stakeholders on distribution. Create one or more mailing lists and select which ones to share your story with when uploading a press release.
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Press Release Email List Signup

Link Sign-Up Forms

Generate list subscriptions by linking your mailing list’s sign-up form to your corporate website. Recipients will automatically be added to your Newsfile mailing list and be included next time you publish a press release. Your sign-up form will also appear on your Newsfile Mini Site, providing further exposure to those interested in following you directly.
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English and French Press Release Email Lists

Segment by Language

Create language specific mailing lists complete with unique sign-up forms to support English and French corporate websites. Once segmented you can email recipients press releases in their preferred language.
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Press Release Email List Addresses and Recipients

Export and Import Recipients

Work with external contact management tools by importing and exporting recipient lists in MS Excel format.
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Press Release Email List Unsubscribe

Manage Blocklists

Recipients who wish to unsubscribe from your mailing list can do so at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in a press release email. Unsubscribed recipients will appear in a blocklist for your consideration. We require users of our mailing list features to agree to our Anti-Spam policy.
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Press Release Email Analytics

View Statistics

Consult robust analytics illustrating who received, opened, and interacted with your email after your press release has been distributed.
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