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Webcasting and Conference Calling Services

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Webcasting and Conference Calling Services

Webcasting and Conference Calling

A live webcast provides the opportunity for your senior management to engage in a virtual conversation with any interested party, especially if the audience is able to submit questions that can then be answered on the live event.


Our webcasting service uses Flash and HTML5 streaming to reach all devices — from PCs to Macs to mobile devices — with full functionality.

Available formats

  • Basic audio — Flash only, no registration, no speaker indexing - A simple choice for the budget-conscious, it provides the live event and up to a year of archiving

  • Advanced audio — Flash & HTML5, registration, speaker indexing - HTML5 extends your reach to mobile devices. The addition of registration gives you a real-time list of all participants on the live webcast and the archive. Speaker indexing for the archive gives your audience the option to skip ahead to a particular speaker or to questions

  • Audio synched slides — Flash & HTML5, slide interface, registration, speaker indexing - The options are the same as for advanced, but with the addition of slides synchronized in real time to the audio, with the help of a web-based slide pushing interface

  • Video — Flash & HTML5, with or without slides, registration, speaker indexing, VCU or onsite - Our webcasting team will go onsite with equipment to stream video live with or without slides, while the VCU option allows the client to keep the cost down by sending the video signal over videoconference for remote encoding

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