Easy-to-Use and Effective.

Working with Newsfile's Compliance Management Portal

Easily Upload Press Releases

It Doesn't Need to be Complicated

Our team has listened to what our clients have told us about the complexities and frustrations of using our competitors' web-based job management systems. We understand your time is important and have constructed our Compliance Management Portal to accomplish common tasks with as few clicks as possible.
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At your Fingertips

Our Compliance Management Portal is robust yet easy-to-use, allowing you to:

  • Switch between multiple companies in your profile
  • Submit press releases and SEDAR/EDGAR filings for processing
  • Request a complimentary annual SEDAR quote
  • Initialize a webcast or conference call
  • View press release analytics reports
  • Create and manage mailing lists
  • View and pay invoices
  • Monitor and update account settings
  • Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication ("MFA") for added security
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What Clients are Saying

The Newsfile platform is really user friendly and after experiencing other news providers I would totally recommend Newsfile.
We have been using Newsfile for over 10 years. The attention to detail and customer service is second to none. Not only is their service the most cost effective, but their platform is also easy to use and rich in features. We highly recommend using Newsfile.
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Easy-to-Use and Effective