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Creating Proven Results Through Our People and Practices

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That's Newsfile.

News travels fast, but it is easy for some to forget that news is about people. At Newsfile, we're the personal service standard.

Saara on how Newsfile Goes the Extra Mile.

As a six-year veteran news and filing specialist here at Newsfile, Saara Torrison knows what customers expect from us. And she’s a key member of the team that meets those expectations everyday. Saara talks about how we get to know our customers and how we’re a one stop shop for all your filing and newswire needs. She also shares a personal client story about how Newsfile went the extra mile and stayed the course, even into the wee hours of the morning, to get the job done.

Vince Shares his Take on Customer Loyalty at Newsfile.

In this video, Vince West from our Business Development Team, outlines how Newsfile's stability and personal touch combine to reassure our clients that their business matters to us. As a long-time staff member, Vince speaks with authority about the importance of our Team culture - and how Newsfile's focus on our customers' needs, first and foremost, keeps them coming back, year after year.

Steve Talks About Earning Customer Trust.

For Steve Barr in Business Development, earning customer trust is job one. In this video, Steve walks us through how Newsfile's service offering reflects our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with the respect they deserve. He outlines how our industry leading customer service is backed by full editorial review of all client releases, 24/7 access to real live people, industry-specialized circulation and full North American distribution.

Jesse Shows How Newsfile Keeps Your News Safe.

Security is at the cornerstone of what we do here at Newsfile. Between keeping your pre-market news safe to actively looking for new threats, Newsfile keeps your security top of mind. Watch as Jesse Schooff, IT Manager, discusses the various ways Newsfile keeps your news safe until you are ready to reveal.

Aleema Explains How Newsfile Makes Your Business, Our Business.

Unlike our competitors who may opt for easy automation, what makes Newsfile special is our connection with people. We are always eager to go that extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. From being able to post onto your company’s Twitter, to posting and filing onto the SEC, Newsfile has the people and the personal care you are looking for. Watch as Client Relations Specialist, Aleema Ali explains what you can expect with the Newsfile Difference.

Faheem Walks You Through Our Proprietary Filing System.

Speed can be the difference between getting your news out before the morning bell rings and having to wait until the next day’s news cycle. That is why Newsfile has two office coordinators on both sides of the country to ensure your release and filing needs are acknowledged within 10 minutes of receiving them. Watch as Faheem Dean walks you through how Newsfile reacts and responds once a request comes through our system.

Creating Proven Results Through Our People and Practices