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Press Release Views on Analytics Report

Who's Reading my Press Release and from Where?

Visualize how your readers found your press release and where in the world they are located. Recipient web sites, platforms, and terminals are grouped by type and displayed in graphical format. Learn more about your readers including their preferred browser, ISP, and device type – are they reading your story with their mobile phones and tablets while on-the-go?
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Press Release Clicks on Analytics Report

Who's Interacting with my Press Release?

Determine the number of times links in your press release were clicked on or followed and what country and web site those clicks were derived from.
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Press Release Mentions on Analytics Report

What's being said about my Company?

We scour the web looking for mention of your company name and ticker symbols. Uncover hard-to-locate conversations on discussion forums and third-party articles to learn what stakeholders are saying about you.
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Press Release Benchmarks on Analytics Report

How do I Compare to my Peers?

Benchmark the readership of your release against those of publicly traded companies that share your industry classifications and stock exchanges. Receive a pat on the back if your story exceeds the average or leads the way!
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Press Release Trends on Analytics Report

Who's Reading over Time?

Uncover how your audience has changed over the last five press releases. Obtain insights for optimal press release distribution windows based on data collected across all Newsfile stories.
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Press Release Clip Report on Analytics Report

Where is my Press Release Posted?

View our clip report — a visual list of logos representing where your press release was delivered with links to your story on recipient web sites where applicable. Download clip report data in CSV and Excel format for further analysis.
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Press Release Email Mailing List on Analytics Report

Who's Engaging through Email?

Utilize our mailing list features to automatically email your release to recipients who have provided consent to receive your communications. Email recipients include subscribers to Newsfile Alerts who have requested to receive your stories through Newsfile. View interactions with email recipients and learn who received, opened, and clicked on links within your press release.
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Keep Tabs on Who's Reading