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Tracking and Reporting

After your story has been published on our wire, the Newsfile Report becomes available in our Compliance Management Portal. This report updates in real time and provides graphs and lists illustrating:

  • Where in the world your press release is being read
  • Number of reads in the first 48 hours
  • List of recipient agencies, web portals, and aggregators, and how many reads derived from each
  • Who received your news release via email, who opened the story, and who clicked on links within it
  • A clip report of recipients, clickable to the location on their site where your story appears
View your news release distributed by our newswire service on recipient sites

View Your Story on Recipient Sites

Many of our recipients publish press releases on their public facing website. Using our clip report, click to view your story on Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, Morningstar, and many more. Update the report to link to summary pages under different tickers included in the release.

Share your Report

Simply copy and paste the mobile friendly URL to the Newsfile Report in an email and send to related parties so they can follow your news release's audience.

Track your story