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Attention to Detail is Just the Beginning.

We specialize at supporting attorneys and legal personnel.

Newsfile has over 20 years’ experience assisting professionals who specialize in securities law. We make filing and news distribution easy for you and your firm – simplifying the process and automating where we can for speed, accuracy, and compliance you can trust.

Newsfile can handle all your needs, from continuous disclosure requirements to transactional filings including registration statements, prospectus filings, early warning reports, insider reporting and shareholder outreach. With a customer-first approach every step of the way, our team sees your documents through from start to finish.

All clients are treated with a personalized customer-first experience.

Consider Newsfile as an extension of your legal department. We thrive in collaborative work environments with multiple teams, while providing an additional set of specialized eyes and comprehensive knowledge of filings, disclosure, and compliance requirements.

Discover our comprehensive Global Distribution options

Newsfile lets you reach for the world.

Our ever-expanding global distribution list provides our clients with the ability to choose the breadth of audience they need to reach. Our easy-to-use client portal provides accessible, tailored distribution for each press release.

Attention to detail is just the beginning