Anti-Spam Policy

This anti-spam policy discloses how we use email to share information about our Services and provide communication mechanisms for our Customers. Newsfile Corp. abides by Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) and therefore has a zero-tolerance spam policy. We only use email to communicate with those who have provided their express or implied consent.

About Us

Newsfile Corp. is a compliance solutions company offering press release distribution and regulatory filing services (the “Services”). The Services enable the following:

For our Customers

  • To distribute press releases to databases and websites and Mailing Lists containing email addresses of Contacts who have provided consent to receive communications on behalf of the Customer; and
  • To file documents with regulatory authorities on reporting systems, including but not limited to the SEC via EDGAR and to the CSA via SEDAR and SEDI.

For our Subscribers

  • To receive press releases for selected industries through email.

Key Terms

In this anti-spam policy, these terms have the following meanings:

Compliance Management Portal” is a secure area on our web site accessible to Customers with a valid username and password. The Compliance Management Portal allows Customers to submit Service requests, view account information, manage Mailing Lists, and view a list of historical service requests.

Contact” is a person a Customer may contact through our Services. In other words, a Contact is anyone on a Customer's Mailing List or about whom a Customer has given us information. For example, if you are a Customer, an email address on your Mailing List would be considered a Contact.

Customer” means any person or entity that is registered with us to use the Services.

Mailing List” is a list of Contacts a Customer may upload or manage on our platform and all associated information related to those Contacts (for example, email addresses).

Subscriber” means any person or entity that has provided implied or express consent to receive press releases from us through email.

Website(s)” means any website(s) we own and operate (for example,,, and or any web pages, interactive features, applications, widgets, blogs, social networks, social network "tabs," or other online, mobile, or wireless offerings that post a link to this anti-spam policy.

you” and “your” means, depending on the context, either a Customer, Subscriber, or Contact.

Mailing Lists for News Dissemination

We allow Customers to create and manage Mailing Lists using our Compliance Management Portal. Mailing Lists contain names and emails of consenting Contacts. Customers can select one or more Mailing Lists when submitting a request to distribute a press release. When the press release is distributed, all Contacts on the Mailing Lists selected receive a copy of the press release via email.


A Mailing List can be created in a number of ways, including by importing Contacts through our Compliance Management Portal. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with our privacy policy.

When submitting a press release for processing you may select one or more Mailing Lists. On dissemination, our system will proceed to send a copy of the press release to all Mailing List Contacts.

Press releases sent to a Mailing List contain an "unsubscribe" link that allows Contacts to remove themselves from your Mailing Lists. Should a Contact unsubscribe, they will be added to an email blacklist specific to you, and will no longer receive your press releases via email from us. We will remove an email from your specific blacklist if presented with adequate proof the email was blacklisted in error, or the Contact wishes to return to the Mailing List.

Press releases sent to a Mailing List will clearly state you as the sending entity, in addition to clearly identifying Newsfile Corp. as the newswire service provider.

Mailing List Restrictions

  • When configured in the Compliance Management Portal, Mailing Lists must have a valid sender email address defined. This address must be owned or managed by you.
  • All Contacts present in Mailing Lists defined by you must have opted in to, or otherwise validly consented to, receiving communications from you, the sender. If you do not have proof that each Contact on your list opted in for your emails, do not import them the Compliance Management Portal. Customer accounts may be terminated for sending unsolicited email messages.
  • We prohibit the use of harvested email lists. We will terminate accounts violating this prohibition.
  • We prohibit the use of third-party, purchased, or rented email lists unless you are able to provide proof that Contacts on the list have opted-in to receiving emails of the type you will be sending them.
  • You must not send unsolicited mail to newsgroups, message boards, distribution lists, or email addresses.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the Mailing Lists you create do not generate a number of spam complaints or bounce rates in excess of industry standards. If we determine that your level of spam complaints or bounce rate is higher than industry standards, we have the right to suspend or terminate your use of our Website and Services. If you receive low response rates, high abuse rates or high bounce rates, we may request additional information regarding your Mailing Lists to investigate and attempt to resolve the problem, or in some cases we may suspend or remove email privileges on your account.


A Customer may provide your email address as part of a Mailing List through the Services. We require Customers have your consent to include on you a Mailing List. If you no longer want to be contacted by one of our Customers through our Services, please unsubscribe using the options in our email, or contact the Customer directly to update or delete your data. If you contact us directly, we may remove or update your information within a reasonable time and after providing notice to the Customer of your request. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with our privacy policy.

Subscribers to Industry News

Our Services include emailing press releases for requested industries to consenting Subscribers. Press releases sent to Subscribers contain an unsubscribe link that will allow you to remove yourself from our distribution network. Should you unsubscribe, you will be added to an email blacklist and will no longer receive our press releases via email. We will remove a Subscriber from our blacklist if presented with adequate proof the Subscriber was blacklisted in error, or the Subscriber wishes to receive press releases again. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with our privacy policy.

Your Consent and Changes

Your use of our Website and services is subject to this policy. If you are found to be in violation of our policies at any time, as determined by us, we may warn you, or suspend or terminate your account. Please note that, in accordance with our Terms of Service, we may change this policy at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with and comply with this policy.

Reporting Spam

If you suspect that we have been used by someone to send spam, please contact us immediately at and we will investigate the matter. Questions and Suggestions If you have any questions about our anti-spam policy, our practices, or your dealings with this Website, you may contact us.

Last updated May 29, 2018