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  • Orbs Liquidity Hub Brings Aggregated Liquidity To DEX-AMMs, Launched with QuickSwap

    Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - September 19, 2023) - Orbs, the Layer-3 infrastructure network for decentralized applications, has announced the debut of Liquidity Hub, bringing the power of aggregated liquidity to any DEX-AMM - launched with QuickSwap. The solution is designed to address the growing problem of liquidity fragmentation in DeFi, which results in higher prices for DEX traders. Liquidity Hub is designed to optimize liquidity and bring the full value of its savings to traders. It relies on a...

    2023-09-19 4:52 AM EDT
  • ORBS Expands to Arbitrum Blockchain via Axelar Satellite Bridge

    Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - August 28, 2023) - The native token of public blockchain infrastructure network Orbs is being launched on Ethereum rollup Arbitrum. The arrival of the ORBS token on the major Layer-2 solution aims to provide decreased gas costs and improved transaction speeds when interacting with the asset.Orbs' expansion from Ethereum to Arbitrum is being facilitated by Axelar, a Turing-complete interchain network. Users can start using Axelar's Satellite Bridge to transfer their ORBS tokens from Ethereum to...

    2023-08-28 10:20 AM EDT
  • Orbs Integrates With Axelar Satellite To Enable Cross-Chain Token Swaps Across 5 Blockchains

    Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - August 14, 2023) - Orbs, the Layer-3 infrastructure network for decentralized applications, has announced it's partnering with Axelar Network to provide the community with a secure and reliable way to bridge ORBS tokens to leading blockchains including Ethereum and BNB Chain.Since June, the Orbs team has been focused on finding the community a reliable alternative chain that will safely allow them to bridge their ORBS tokens. Orbs quickly established the criteria for a new bridge...

    2023-08-14 8:00 AM EDT
  • Affyn Races into Grand Prix Season Singapore 2023 Partnership

    Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - August 14, 2023) - Affyn is partnering with the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2023 (GPSS), an event supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, to present a Web 3.0 event during the week of the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix.The event, titled "Web 3.0 | Art Meets Metaverse," is an exhibition, talkshow and experience zone rolled into one, where attendees can dive into the past, present and future of how technology impacts art and upcoming developments in...

    2023-08-14 7:51 AM EDT
  • Memcyco Adds Cybersecurity Executive Shira Rubinoff to Its Advisory Board

    Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - July 18, 2023) - Memcyco, the real-time website impersonation prevention platform, announced today that Shira Rubinoff has joined its advisory board. A leading cybersecurity executive, advisor, global keynote speaker, influencer, author, and founder, Rubinoff brings long-standing industry expertise and credibility that will add to Memcyco's already strong leadership team consisting of cybersecurity and startup veterans with successful IPOs under their belts.Memcyco offers the only real-time solution to website impersonation by detecting spoofing attempts of websites...

    2023-07-18 9:00 AM EDT
  • Smart Cart Startup Shopic to Present Its Solution at Microsoft Experience Center in Munich

    Tel Aviv, Israel and Munich, Germany--(Newsfile Corp. - May 23, 2023) - Grocery smart cart provider Shopic announced today that the company is partnering with the Microsoft Experience Center EMEA in Munich to showcase its innovative smart cart technology. Microsoft Experience Centers are located in four locations around the world, enabling businesses to explore game-changing technology through immersive experiences and deep technical engagement. Startups which are showcased at Microsoft Experience Centers enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to present the full potential...

    2023-05-23 9:00 AM EDT
  • TRON DAO Announces Results of HackaTRON Season 4

    Geneva, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - May 16, 2023) - The TRON DAO team, community representatives of the TRON blockchain platform, revealed the results for the fourth season of their popular HackaTRON competition. 500,000 USDD, a TRON-based decentralized, overcollateralized, multi-chain stablecoin, will be shared among the top projects. Judge-selected qualifiers will also be given application accessibility to TRON DAO Ventures and Huobi Ventures for potential capital funding.

    2023-05-16 6:17 AM EDT
  • Brief Analysis of Messari's Q1 2023 State of TRON and USDD Reports

    Geneva, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - May 12, 2023) - Messari, a leader in crypto market research and intelligence, recently released reports on both the USDD stablecoin as well as the TRON blockchain ecosystem. "The TRON DAO team appreciates Messari's work overall, and like normal, its objective research in these latest TRON-related reports offers data-driven, insightful remarks," a TRON spokesperson commented.

    2023-05-12 7:10 AM EDT
  • TUSD Readies Operation Plan for International Transition

    Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - May 8, 2023) - TrueUSD (TUSD), a leading stablecoin provider, announced its intention to implement a plan for the international transition of its management services, reflecting an emerging industry trend of international expansion. Since its inception in 2018, TUSD has led industry innovation in the stablecoin sector with a strong emphasis on client due diligence and regulatory compliance while growing its reserve portfolios in collaboration with a diversified network of financial institutions and fiduciaries. The expansion and...

    2023-05-08 8:00 AM EDT
  • Aligned Raises $5.8M to Build the First B2B Buyer-Seller Network

    Tel Aviv, Israel--(Newsfile Corp. - May 2, 2023) - Aligned, pioneering the first B2B buyer-seller network, has completed a $5.8 million seed round led by Hetz Ventures and NFX, with participation from global strategic sales leaders and angel investors. Despite the enterprise push towards digitalization, the way buyers and sellers collaborate has remained largely unchanged, still composed of endless email threads, attachments, and links to spreadsheets. The result is a frustrating buying experience with less deals closed. According to Gartner, 77%...

    2023-05-02 9:00 AM EDT