New Business Developments and Funding Updates

January 14, 2020 8:45 AM EST | Source: SUTIMCo International, Inc.

Dallas, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - January 14, 2020) - SutimCo Inc. (OTC PINK: SUTI) ("The Company") is pleased to announce the new business plan and a master development program for 2020.

Today the management is pleased to announce the new deal with PBS Holding Inc., and Greenbriar MJ Ventures. The company and its representatives had a very productive visit with the MJ growers in Oklahoma, and representatives of PBS Holding Inc. The deal is focused on SUTI setting up financing, distribution and banking for the MJ industry and the digital currency, banking and processing. The "Harvest" Insurance guarantee and the bonding is said to be worth at least $ 10 Million US, per occurrence, insuring income regardless of crop failure, acts of God, or other related issues.

A new and dynamic marketing campaign is being launch due to our successful acquisition of several new contracts and deal in the MJ market segments. "Our company originally started as a concept for the processing, investing and funding MJ projects and related industry. We had a few false starts and management changes, but finally, we feel that we found our niche' and are ready to roll out 2020 business plan. We plan to add a new CEO and several business developers from MJ sector. Our self-financed digital currency/crypto currency concept is being relaunched this year due to enormous growth and expansion in the MJ industry. We believe that our timing is right to introduce these concepts as the states expand and grow licensing and distribution contracts for medical and recreational MJ markets. The harvest insurance makes things safer against any acts of God, or other related issues!" explained Mr. Vakser Chairman of SutimCo Inc.

The company will use its current investments in dispensaries as well as the new contract in Oklahoma with PBS Holding to distribute the MJ products and develop new currency for the MJ markets. The digital currency and trading will assist with facilitating and working with the current banking and federal laws that would pave the way for future ease for processing money and currency from the MJ related products and industries. The current estimated $ 30 to $ 50 million dollar deal that PBS Holding is projecting, should easily add at least another 20 % to the top line for digital currency and retail distribution revenues for SutimCo Inc.

About Sutimco Inc.

Sutimco Inc., (OTC PINK: SUTI) is a development corporation with a focus and design to enter a new and emerging Medicinal and Recreational use Marijuana and Cannabis market sectors. The company is developing relationships and contracts with product and service providers that cover all aspects of this new and emerging market sector and developing its own digital currency for the MJ trade.

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