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Seattle, Washington--(Newsfile Corp. - October 3, 2019) - CFN Media Group ("CFN Media"), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry announces publication of an article discussing RYAH Medtech and the company's dry-herb dose measuring vaporizing smart technology.

Many consumers believe that vaping is a far safer alternative to smoking, but the recent mysterious deaths of six people and hundreds of cases of respiratory illness potentially linked to electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) or oil -based vaping has certainly raised eyebrows. Officially, an ongoing investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasn't pegged any specifics to the maladies. However, oil vaping e-cigs seem to be a common denominator.

Without question, the outbreak squarely puts an emphasis on consumer safety. The lack of available information speaks to the value of implementing high-tech in the vape space, as RYAH Medtech has done with its dry-herb vaporizer.

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Steer Clear of Bootleg Vape Products

No authorities are certain what exactly is behind the lung illness, although the CDC says it initially sees similarities in several of the deaths regarding vaping THC, the part of marijuana that gets a person "high," either with or instead of nicotine.

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Oil vaporizers work by heating oil-based substances at high temperatures, which turn into liquid aerosols that can be inhaled. Dry-herb vaporizers on the other hand, 'bake' plant matter to its boiling point, which creates a water based vapor that can be inhaled. A vapor is different from an aerosol as an aerosol is a suspension of tiny particles of liquid, solid, or both within a gas. For many cigarette smokers, oil vaporizers have been used to help wean them off nicotine.

For the most part, limited information has been available to the public as to the culprit in the pulmonary illnesses. There is certainly a school of thought that illegal cartridges sold on the street are to blame. These products, known by names like Mario Kart and Dank Cart, often use illegal cutting agents, namely vitamin E acetate, which the FDA believes is "prudent" to avoid inhaling.

The CDC has issued a warning against using bootleg vaping products.

Due diligence into the matter shows the regulatory bodies have a substantial challenge in trying to collect all the information to piece the puzzle together to try and make an education decision on the underlying cause of the epidemic.

"The FDA, CDC and local authorities have their plates full when it comes to analyzing legal products for potential contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and diluents, not to mention illicit products," commented Gregory Wagner, CEO of RYAH, in a phone call on the matter with CFN Media Group. "Public safety is our top priority and has been a driving force in our commitment to develop and commercialize our smart vaporizer and proprietary cartridges," he added. "RYAH dry-herb cartridges all require unique QR codes that are created using RYAH proprietary software. The QR codes cannot be produced without an authenticated certificate of analysis (COA). Each COA is reviewed by RYAH itself. Without the QR code, RYAH devices simply will not turn on. Hence, illicit products cannot be used in RYAH devices."

Big Data and Next Generation Vaping

Focused on the plant-based medical market, RYAH is a first mover with its novel vaporizer featuring innovative technologies with commercial-grade materials. Notably, the RYAH vaporizer has a diffused mouthpiece and even heat distribution, while RYAH cartridges prevent material from directly touching the heating chamber, keeping the vaporizer extraordinarily clean.

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The real differentiator is the smart technology that gathers information about exactly what the user is inhaling. Airflow sensors record precisely how much is inhaled. Each cartridge, whether dry-herb or oil, has a QR code with all the information on the product being used.

The RYAH application completes the system, collecting all the data to give the user - and any authorized party - access to a detailed view of usage. The app, available for both iOS and Android, gives the user complete control, all the way down to heating temperatures and limitations on how much can be inhaled.

In July, RYAH's HIPAA-compliant products began hitting the shelves at medical dispensaries in the U.S. Shortly after, RYAH partnered with SOS Cannabis to work with Canadian patients to seek reimbursement from different government agencies for the medical costs associated with purchasing the RYAH's vaporizer and cartridges. RYAH's cartridges have a Class I license from Health Canada.

"Our goal is to work with every grower, doctor and researcher to set new standards for vaporizer products for the purpose of protecting consumers by building a robust library of data," said Wagner. "We need to ensure that patients are educated and can get their products affordably, so they don't risk their health by turning to the black market. That's what we're making happen at RYAH," he concluded.

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