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Even with medical marijuana being legal in Canada for years, regulations are still a bird's nest being untangled to this day. There are practical limits and issues that consumers must deal with regularly to receive government reimbursement that often times require the assistance of a professional skilled in the process.

RYAH recognizes this fact and is getting proactive on the matter, recently joining forces with soscannabis.com, a law firm specializing in helping people that use doctor-prescribed medical cannabis to seek retroactive and prospective monetary reimbursement through claims made to governmental organizations.

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RYAH's dose-measuring vaporizer

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RYAH and SOS Cannabis

RYAH is positioned at the intersection of medical plant intake, high tech and big data. The company has developed and is now commercializing the world's first dose-measuring vaporizer that allows patients to precisely and automatically track and control how much cannabis (or any other plant) they inhale through the vaporizer, collecting and sharing the HIPAA-compliant data with their physician.

Through an associated application, the patient automatically has a full data set about the exact strain, heating, dosage and effects. Armed with this information, the patient can then work with a doctor about making informed adjustments to dial-in a personalized prescription to achieve the desired benefit in a way that replaces antiquated paper documentation.

By aggregating the data and using artificial intelligence, RYAH is seeking to build the most robust library of every medical plant life cycle in the industry for predictive analysis. Beyond the patient and doctor, the data has meaningful applications for growers, dispensaries and licensed processors to monitor and manage cannabis strains and the effect it has on different patients.

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From its headquarters in Quebec, SOS Cannabis is more than just a seasoned multi-disciplinary law firm with expertise in medical cannabis reimbursement. The company also provides referral services to a network of doctors and medical cannabis suppliers.

The Partnership

There are strong synergies between SOS Cannabis and RYAH to ensure patients are getting the cannabis that they need for their malady and being properly reimbursed. Per the new pact, Canadian patients will have the opportunity to obtain free legal representation from SOS Cannabis for pursuing reimbursement from different government agencies for purchasing RYAH's Health Canada Class I dose-measuring vaporizer and proprietary dry-herb cartridges.

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RYAH's Health Canada Class I dose-measuring vaporizer and proprietary dry-herb cartridges

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In June, RYAH entered the Canadian markets, signing a distribution agreement with licensed producer Northern Green Canada to put the eponymous vaporizers and cartridges on shelves across the country.

Through the partnership with SOS Cannabis, Canadian patients using the RYAH products will be able to look to SOS Cannabis to prepare a case file and seek reimbursement at no cost. The relationship is expected to widen RYAH's Canadian footprint to provide doctors and patients a complete solution and the company a unique opportunity to bridge what can be a challenging barrier to market entry.

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"RYAH's focus on providing patients with a world-class dose-measuring, strain analytics and real-time feedback capability is much needed in the plant-based medical arena," said Maitre Robert Astell, President of SOS Cannabis, in a statement about the new partnership.

Mr. Astell continued, "We look forward to on boarding RYAH consumers into our fully-automated registration platform and to provide them with a state-of-the-art case management service in fulfilling their need for economic assistance in providing cannabis-based medicine products."

RYAH Coming Public

Based in New York City, RYAH is extending its market presence throughout Canada and the U.S., recently placing its product in retail locations in Oklahoma, Washington and Maryland. The accord with Northern Green Canada also opens the door to European markets through Northern Green's distribution channels there. RYAH received its CE Mark for European commercialization in June, 2019.

The company is in the process of joining the public domain on the Canadian Securities Exchange with the ticker "RYAH" currently pending as the documentation is finalized for a reverse takeover of Prime Blockchain Inc. RYAH is bringing a comprehensive medtech solution that the company believes is filling a gaping void in healthcare to personalize cannabis prescriptions.

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