Inverite Enters into Global Strategic Partnership with FINCuro Solutions

March 28, 2024 8:30 AM EDT | Source: Inverite Insights Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 28, 2024) - Inverite Insights Inc. (CSE: INVR) (OTC Pink: INVRF) (FSE: 2V00) ("Inverite" or the "Company"), is a leading AI-driven software provider utilizing real-time financial data to empower businesses to transact more effectively with consumers, is excited to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with FINCuro Solutions ("FINCuro"), a UST Company, a leading digital transformation and integration solutions provider focused on financial services.

This strategic partnership affords Inverite the ability to enhance its technological capabilities and expand its global footprint. FINCuro, is a digital transformation solutions provider specializing in the financial services sector, and this partnership marks a significant milestone in Inverite's mission to revolutionize its verification solutions through world-class technology and partnerships. By leveraging Fincuro's expertise in digital experiences, data analytics, and connectivity solutions, Inverite is poised to unlock new levels of scalability and efficiency, propelling the Company towards its goal of thinking and acting with a combination of global awareness and local consideration.

Through this collaboration, Inverite aims to harness FINCuro's comprehensive ecosystem and suite of digital solutions to bolster its innovative approach to credit assessment. By leveraging FINCuro's experience with prebuilt digital experiences and customer-centric solutions, Inverite will further enhance its ability to provide lenders with unparalleled insights into borrowers' financial profiles. This synergy will not only streamline lending processes but also foster financial inclusivity by broadening access to credit resources across diverse markets. Furthermore, this partnership holds strategic significance in the context of Consumer-Directed (Open) Banking in Canada and for that matter, the United States and globally. With FINCuro's deep understanding of open banking frameworks and its track record of integrating and implementing scalable solutions, Inverite is well-positioned to navigate the evolving landscape of financial data sharing. Together, they will leverage open banking principles to drive greater transparency, efficiency, and innovation in the Canadian financial ecosystem and globally, ultimately empowering consumers with greater control over their financial data and fostering a more competitive and dynamic marketplace. This collaborative effort underscores Inverite's commitment to leading the charge towards a more accessible and interconnected financial future.

Karim Nanji, CEO of Inverite, states, "We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Fincuro Solutions. This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone for Inverite, as it allows us to enhance our technological capabilities and expand our global reach. By leveraging FINCuro's expertise in financial services technologies including digital experiences and data analytics, we are poised to revolutionize verification solutions, driving greater efficiency and scalability. This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering lenders with unparalleled insights into borrowers' financial profiles, while also advancing financial inclusivity. Together, we are committed to aligning global perspectives with local contexts, driving innovation in the Canadian financial ecosystem and beyond."

Sandeep Lalwani, CEO of FINCuro, states, "At Fincuro, we are excited to partner with Inverite in our shared mission to transform banking and the financial services sector. This partnership represents a significant step forward in leveraging world-class technology and strategic partnerships to drive innovation and enhance efficiency. By integrating our comprehensive ecosystem of digital solutions and services with Inverite's innovative approach to credit assessment, we are poised to unlock new levels of scalability and foster financial inclusivity. Together, we are committed to driving greater transparency and innovation to empower consumers with greater control over their financial data. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to delivering transformative solutions that align global perspectives with local contexts, propelling the industry towards a more interconnected and accessible future."

About FINCuro Solutions Pvt LTD

FINCuro Solutions, A UST Company, is a leading digital transformation solutions provider focussed on financial services. Specializing in leveraging the power of the ecosystem, FINCuro builds best in class platform solutions that drive modern digital experiences that support customers and members on their journeys, when, where, and how it matters. With over 100 institutions in India, Canada and the UK, FINCuro has an established track record for speedy implementation of innovative solutions, that enable over 1M account holders with these entities.

As a UST Company, FINCuro also has the same future-proof philosophy while delivering measurable value, lasting change, embedded innovation and agility into our clients' organizations.

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About Inverite Insights.

Inverite Insights Inc. (CSE: INVR) (OTC Pink: INVRF) (FSE: 2V00) ("Inverite") is a Vancouver-based, AI-driven software provider specializing in real-time financial data. With a vast database of over seven billion financial data points from more than four million unique Canadian consumers transactions, Inverite empowers businesses to transact more effectively with consumers through innovative solutions for data enrichment, identity, risk management and compliance.

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