Non-Food Franchises Maintain Growth in 2022 at 3.1 Percent

Charlotte, North Carolina--(Newsfile Corp. - December 10, 2022) - Franchising has quickly become a practical option for anyone hoping to break into the industry and build a financial roadmap to success. As non-food franchises continue a trend of growth started in the wake of the pandemic,

The Franchise Investment System specializes in providing direction in finding a high-quality (non-food) franchise that conforms to a client's particular entrepreneurial goals. Not dissimilar to a real-estate model, FIS is a free service that is provided through franchise companies.

As FIS has its own podcast and offers an entirely free franchise strategy to help owners find the right non-food franchise for them. Founder Dru Carpenito is now offering free consultations on the FIS website.

Meet the Founder of the FIS

Dru Carpenito has been in the franchise world for 17 years and has helped hundreds of people buy, build, and sell (as in cash out) successful franchises. "I believe we all have the entrepreneurial spirit inside us and the key to unleashing this spirit is finding the right business to get involved with," says Dru. Dru approaches each person he works with as a unique puzzle and he helps his candidates identify their important pieces to match with the right business. Not only that, with Dru's Franchise Investment System, he provides his candidates with the tools to fully analyze a franchise so they can gather all of the information to make the best decision for them and their families.

Dru created the Franchise Investment System after a serious neurological diagnosis of his son while he was away on a business trip to Canada. The stress of traveling internationally to help an emerging franchise expand globally, and crafting his family's life around his career prior to this point, led Dru to a change. "Moving forward, I knew the only option to never have that feeling again was to start my own business," Dru says. "I had seen firsthand the power that franchising can offer aspiring entrepreneurs, but there weren't many reliable ways to help people find the franchise to invest in, so I created the Franchise Investment System."

Offering franchises under emerging brands, established name brand businesses, scalable executive operations, or even home-based and low-cost businesses, Dru Carpenito now offers different options with each affirming a particular style of franchise ownership.

The FIS is Connecting Clients with Viable Franchises

The Franchise Investment System has assisted a number of successful franchise owners and entrepreneurs who were hoping to expand into a new non-food brand. With technology taking both center stage and an important place behind the scenes, the FIS compiles data to connect prospective owners with the franchises that would work best for their budget, experience, and other important factors to maximize their clients' success.

The FIS is designed to help first-time franchise owners quickly and safely find emerging successful non-food franchises in the country. Options have very specific characteristics, so the FIS gives you a step-by-step process you can use to do the research the right way so you can get the answers you want. Most importantly, FIS' services are entirely free.

Franchising is Enjoying a Wave of Popularity in 2022

As non-food franchises continue to grow through 2022, franchising is being seen as a more viable option as a vehicle for economic growth. With a free service to offer a financial roadmap to prospective franchise owners hoping to connect with both established and emerging brands, the FIS is here to help curate important connections within industries.

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