NFT Game, MetaGear Is About to Be Released

March 23, 2022 4:00 AM EDT | Source: CaphIQ

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - March 23, 2022) - MetaGear, announced the release of its Mainnet and a free-to-play server along with an NFT sale and special events on March 28th, 2022. MetaGear is now available on Google play for pre-register: After MetaGear is released, Genesis machine parts (the permanent machine part that has no durability) earning rate will be 50% for the first month.

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Figure 1: NFT game, MetaGear is about to be released

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The game is the strategic collaboration between OnePad and OneSoft. While the former is backed by FPT Corporation, one of Asia's technology behemoths, the latter is Southeast Asia's top 2 game developer.

Since its publication, the MetaGear project has constantly been ranked among the projects with the highest ROI in 2022. Despite the poor market, MetaGear's official currency, the $GEAR token, is able to maintain a stable price. In MetaGear, players act as inventors and create their own war machines. The game unleashes their endless creativity in MetaGear's dynamic, classic yet modern pixel universe.

MetaGear is created by recognized developers and advisors with vast experience and expertise in both blockchain and game development. Therefore, the team has placed a strong emphasis on the quality of the games putting it on par with the play-to-earn element.

This March, MetaGear will officially release both the Mainnet version and the Free-to-play server on March 28th available on both PC and Android, strictly following the roadmap. But that is not all, along with the game release, MetaGear's team will also be hosting special events to celebrate the release of the game and an NFT box sale.

MetaGear Mainnet Release: The Meta Attack

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Figure 2: NFT game, MetaGear is about to be released

This event is looked forward to, especially for those who have been following MetaGear since the beginning and have been waiting to play the Mainnet. Players will gain double the maximum number of possible wins during the first week of Quick Fight mode.

One of the most noticeable mechanisms in MetaGear is after it is released, Genesis machine parts (the permanent machine part that has no durability) earning rate will be 50% for the first month. This mechanism will provide the newcomers with a massive advantage when they first play the game and during the gameplay.

MetaGear F2P: The More The Merrier

MetaGear focuses not only on the play-to-earn players. If users are finding a game to play for fun in their free time or just testing the water and not ready to invest, MetaGear has that covered. They created this event just for free-to-play players, with 20 random machine parts to play the game for free along with 2 sub-events so that users can get prizes even if they play for free.

The Gear Box Sale

Unlike the other box sale of MetaGear, the Gear Box will be sold 30 minutes after the Mainnet release so that gamers can open and play right away. Only 1000 Gear Boxes will be sold for the fastest buyers. Each Gear Box will contain five random Genesis machine parts, which have an endless life cycle throughout the game and will be sold for only $200 worth of $GEAR.

Another plus side is MetaGear's team is guaranteed to burn 100% of the profits they made in this box sale.

Based on the performance of MetaGear so far and all of the events for the MetaGear Official Game Release, the development team has proven to be highly efficient and committed to this project. All there is to do now is to wait and see what other exciting news and events the MetaGear team has next in store in the near future.

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