ClassicDoge Launches their NFT Staking and New Exchange Listing Plans

February 04, 2022 12:05 PM EST | Source: CaphIQ

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - February 4, 2022) - ClassicDoge utilized the basic concepts of blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse to develop a platform for users to bring their actual pets into the metaverse. They intend to help users by integrating their applications into top metaverse platforms that can accept an NFT from the 3D model of their pet, enhancing the monetary and relational value of your favorite in both the physical and virtual worlds. Through a detailed dissection of the digital elements mentioned above, ClassicDoge unlocks the potential of the metaverse by filling the demand of an unmet need, bringing unmatched opportunities for users across the digital space to personalize their online experience and bring their pet with them forever in AR or VR. Their model provides pet lovers with the option of training, playing, breeding, caring, and clothing their pet, just like how it is done across reality. This interactive pet environment is believed to be possible with a metaverse ecosystem and an NFT marketplace like what ClassicDoge is delivering.

As ClassicDoge combines the metaverse and the pet NFT marketplace across a single platform with its unique approach to digital nirvana, there are an increasing amount of valuable opportunities that are unlocked for the users across the platform. While introducing a passive revenue stream, multiple use cases can be put into action with the concept of making an NFT out of the 3D model of your pet. Bringing real pets to the world we are migrating to is a clear indication of development within the metaverse, in general. ClassicDoge is helping set up a social system with realistic interaction and elements that can help users feel 'at home' in an otherwise only animated environment.

ClassicDoge has been actively adding different profitable elements across its project for the users to ensure a consistent flow of revenue in a volatile market. However, the complete process of NFT staking involves holding an NFT Pet Pack, which more details are to come on this deliverable.

On buying an NFT Pet Pack, ClassicDoge, users will successfully be part of an NFT-only staking pool with their limited NFT holdings.

The users can buy a particular NFT Pet Pack across the ClassicDoge marketplace. The user would have two different options to select from in purchasing a NFT pack. First, they can stake their NFTs across an appropriate staking multiplier. After a user receives their NFT Pet Pack can have their NFTs sold across the marketplace. The prices can be easily adjusted according to the quantity and rarity of the NFTs across it, covered with ClassicDoge (XDOGE) tokens.

ClassicDoge believes in consistent development and delivery, with more compatibility, additional NFT collections and classes for users. Along with more opportunities for users, the project spreads its access to the digital world. For this, ClassicDoge is proud to announce a new listing with BitForex, an exchange that takes pride in being one of the safest bitcoin trading platforms and a provider of a high liquidity trading for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 300 crypto currencies. The ClassicDoge ecosystem surely has an extensive plan for the digital community, which will help introduce significant changes within the virtual world.

About ClassicDoge

ClassicDoge represents an ecosystem, powering NFTs across the metaverse through blockchain technology. The project has built a vision of connecting users with their pets across the metaverse. While building up a virtual and augmented reality ecosystem, the platform also focuses on developing its NFT marketplace and a platform of offering animal charity across the real world. ClassicDoge believes in unlocking the potential of the metaverse while offering its unique approach to the virtual world.

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