Bad Santa Apes To Launch Its Collection On The 16th Of December

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - December 14, 2021) - Bad Santa Apes is pleased to inform the community about its collection launch on the 16th of December. This Christmas, Bad Santa Apes aims to bring something special to the NFT community.

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Figure 1: Bad Santa Apes To Launch Its Collection On The 16th Of December

There are 10,000 distinct apes in the Bad Santa Apes NFT collection, all overweight, drinkers, hooligans, and criminals, they are tired of being dictated by Bad Santa. Four apes that have fled the rule of the secretly kept Bad Santa regime are behind this collection as per the team themselves.

Lightening Up The Christmas

As per the team, these apes will come to life and flee the tyranny of Bad Santa once Christmas comes this year. There will be 10,000 different NFT characters in all. Some rarer than the others.

A limited-edition of 10,000 pieces will be available for purchase on the Ethereum blockchain on December 16th for the price of 0.1 ETH each.

This is an analogy for collectors who want to grab these featured crazy apes. The team behind Bad Santa Apes wants the users to think about it this way, as with ugly Christmas Sweaters: Collectors can only use this NFT once per season, so why not use it as an avatar or character during the holiday season.

More than 170 different features are programmed into Bad Santa Ape NFT's, including facial expression, headdress, and clothes, among other things. Apes of all kinds are dope, but some are more than others.

Three-Part NFT Collection

After this release, the team will also launch the Bad Santa Club's three-part NFT collection of Apes, Elves, and Reindeers. An Ape, an Elves and several Reindeers will form the Bad Santa Club.

There are 10 000 Bad Santa Apes NFT's in the collection, and users will be randomly allotted. Bad Santa Apes can be minted infinitely until sold. The team wants the community to expand and have a strong base to explore more ways to reach a global audience.

Diamond Hands

The Bad Santa Club will begin purchasing ETH miners and depositing their revenue into diamond hands starting in December. As a result of these, Bad Santa Club plans to begin airdropping revenue to BSA NFT holders. Investments in mining capacity will be made via the resale of BSA NFTs' royalties.

Users will have access to the official website to purchase products with their custom NFT printed on them. Bad Santa Apes will meet each other in a Metaverse, where they may decorate a Christmas tree, to celebrate Christmas before it even arrives.

Users who possess at least two Bad Santa Apes will reap the rewards of their breeding function. Once the mint is finished, the team will begin working on the breeding feature, which requires least two Bad Santa Apes to participate.

Project Details

Name: Bad Santa Apes NFT

Quantity: 10,000

Framework: ETH, ERC-721

Sell Price: 0.1 ETH

Launch Date: 16th December 2021, 3 PM EST Time Zone

Each one of the 10,000 Bad Santa Apes is completely different. They all share the basic template, but have unique details (one has sunglasses, another smokes a cigarette, yet another has a rare background). No two Bad Santa Apes are the same, and if you get a really cool one, it can be worth millions!

NFTs Of Christmas

Members-only parties will be conducted in various cities across the globe, starting with Miami, Florida. UNICEF Juniper will get 10% of the revenues.

Bad Santa Apes NFT has proclaimed the official NFTs of Christmas by the prominent industry pioneer MarketWatch. It was also shown in an art exhibition, complete with photographs. Showing that these wild animals have a stranglehold on the art world.

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