SafeNotMoon Launched on Binance Smart Chain with a Utility

December 07, 2021 3:56 PM EST | Source: CaphIQ

Cape Coral, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - December 7, 2021) - SafeNotMoon is Launching on Binance Smart Chain with a Utility app. The Crypto Space is ever-evolving and sprouting with new exciting and innovative projects. Amidst those some have set new highs for market capitalization ranging from Floki to the recent war between DOGE Vs SHIBA. Enormous market capitalizations have been witnessed by the world in a very short amount of time and the list is still going on. Among this list SAFENOTMOON is definitely a huge contender.

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Figure 1: SafeNotMoon Launched on Binance Smart Chain with Utility

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DEGEN NEWS: Everything about crypto in one place

SAFENOTMOON is not your ordinary project on the Binance Smart Chain. Unlike other projects SAFENOTMOON has multiple utilities planned right from the start. One of these utilities is a mobile application called DEGEN NEWS that will be available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, that will cover all the news that happens within the crypto space, even the news from the decentralized finance. Stay on top of the drama and mind-blowing stories of this unpredictable space.


The SafeNotMoon team is planning never seen before NFTs that will be showcasing the biggest moments in the history of Binance Smart Chain. Not only that, but the holders will be rewarded as well. SafeNotMoon, also being coined as the Safer Safemoon, is coming up with NFTs to solidify the most memorable moments in the BSC space as well as a news app which keeps you in the loop of what you might have missed. SafeNotMoon is the safer version of the crypto giant Safemoon token which has proven to be unstable. We plan to bring Epic historical NFTs from the crazy stories around the BSC as well as an app to keep you in the loop of important news.


BSC has seen so many different twists, turns, and variable trends which can be very hard to understand and comprehend. SafeNotMoon also known as the Safer-Safemoon, is coming to take over the media side of the BSC space whilst also educating its investors to understand the different nuisances of the space, with their aggressive marketing strategies and deep connections with influencers, developers, and more. We plan to safely take our investors to the moon, unlike projects that overpromise and under-deliver.

The SAFENOTMOON token will be subjected to a total tax of 10 percent on every transaction which further breaks down into 5 percent for all marketing purposes to promote the project across the crypto space, 3 percent to the liquidity pool to help the project naturally grow with the volume on the charts and last but not the least 2 percent will be put towards the development costs to cover all other expenses.


For every transaction that interacts with the contract, the contract will deduct a set amount of liquidity pool tax in the form of token and will hold it in the contract itself. With a set threshold, the contract is designed to split the total balance in it into two halves and then swap one of the halves for BNB from pancakeswap pool and use that BNB in pair with the other half to add liquidity to the pancakeswap pool automatically.

ABSTRACT: What makes SAFENOTMOON different?

SAFENOTMOON strives not only to correct all the mistakes that Safemoon made but also do it in a more efficient and better way. Recently, only Safemoon suffered an extremely huge price drop in the whole Binance Smart Chain's history after an investor sold $16,945,115.05 worth of Safemoon tokens. After being investigated, it was found that he only invested 2 BNB in the Safemoon presale which was valued at $596.50 at that time.

SAFENOTMOON is definitely a project to look out for in the near future. The project will act as an unofficial successor to the crypto giant Safemoon as it has already been called a safer-Safemoon. With all the utilities and deliverables announced early on the project has gained a lot of trust in the crypto space. SAFENOTMOON can be the next moonshot in the crypto industry.



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