Exclusive Dark Frontiers NFTs to Be Featured on Binance

November 16, 2021 12:34 PM EST | Source: CaphIQ

Vilnius, Lithuania--(Newsfile Corp. - November 16, 2021) - Binance, among crypto's biggest NFT marketplaces, is revealed to be the first destination for Dark Frontier's highly anticipated Spacesuit NFT Drop. Users of the number one exchange in crypto can now access exclusive-to-Binance Spacesuit NFTs which play a central role in the $DARK gameplay.

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Figure 1: Exclusive Dark Frontiers NFTs to be featured on Binance

Spacesuits are a player's most important NFT in the entire Dark Frontiers universe. No game is playable without spacesuits. They're not only needed for survival in space, but also serve as an integral part of gameplay- you cannot survive if your character doesn't have one! Space is a cold, dark place. It has no atmosphere and absolutely no oxygen! The suit provides safety while exploring unknown territory and protects you when fighting enemies.

  1. Binance NFT marketplace announcement
  2. Why is it a good idea to invest now (Mint the first suits, and these people will have the unique opportunity to mine minerals, which later on get made into new suits which they resell on the marketplace)?
  3. What is the DF metaverse?

But that's not all

Not only can suits provide players with their primary survival mechanism, but they also allow players unique opportunities to mint minerals and create new suits which they can resell on the marketplace.

Having the rarest suit, provides some of the biggest advantages in the Dark Frontiers ecosystem, including:

  • Play games for the longest amount of time
  • The ability to find and mine the most amount of minerals first and convert those minerals into other assets
  • Increased protection against enemy attacks
  • Faster, more agile movement. The lighter the suit, the more difficult receive damage
  • Enjoy additional character skills and attributes
  • Make a space fashion statement!

Suit types
There will be three kinds of Binancian suits:

Binancian Gamma
Tier 1 | Rarest NFT suite | Only 500 total supply | Owners of this suit will enjoy unlimited oxygen supply - that means unlimited playtime.

Binacian Gamma suits provide an unparalleled level of protection. Not only does it protect from attacks but also makes treasure hunts much safer, owing to its lightweight build which enables greater mobility in dangerous areas. A true gem!

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Figure 2: Exclusive Dark Frontiers NFTs to be featured on Binance

Binancian Beta
Tier 2 armor protection in combat | 1000 total supply | 1 hour of oxygen | 1 random character skill or attribute.

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Figure 3: Exclusive Dark Frontiers NFTs to be featured on Binance

Binancian Alpha
Tier 3 armor protection in combat | 2000 total supply | 2 hours of oxygen | 1 random character skill or attribute.

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Figure 4: Exclusive Dark Frontiers NFTs to be featured on Binance

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About Dark Frontiers
Dark Frontiers is a multi-platform blockchain-based metaverse where adventurers can explore the depths and outskirts of this inter-galactic game whilst earning the native token, $DARK. Dark Frontiers presents players with different opportunities to earn while playing the game, really leveraging the play2earn aspect within the industry.

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