CateCoin Launching "Rise of Cats" Play to Earn NFT Game to Compete Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

November 03, 2021 5:08 PM EDT | Source: CaphIQ

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - November 3, 2021) - Catecoin, one of the leading Meme cryptos, has just launched the "Rise of Cats" Play, designed to enable NFT to comfortably compete with other notable meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The Rise of Cats is introduced to the meme ecosystem to disrupt the dominance by the aforementioned cryptos and make CateCoin a force to reckon with.

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Figure 1: CateCoin Launching “Rise Of Cats” Play To Earn NFT Game To Compete Shiba Inu And Dogecoin

About "Rise of Cats"

Rise of Cats is a cat-themed NFT blockchain random tower defense game, which contains pvp mode and co-operation modes that are fast-paced. The game allows players to deploy the cats in fighting against the mouse army and defend their homeland, hold longer than their rivals in the pvp mode, or contend against their teammates in the Co-op mode.

Players can upgrade their preferred cats, complete daily quests, boost their ability to fight, and take part in different fascinating events to relish the amusement of the cattle of cats.

Attributes of the game

Rise of Cats is an NFT game. This game is strategic and swift, adopting a fast-paced design, which makes it possible for each game to be completed in 3 minutes. Players can commence the game any time they wish. Your cat's assets can be freely disposed of, collected, trained, or traded.

There are about 40 different cats in the game. The cats consist of two categories - attacking and supporting cats. Five major attributes determine the specific abilities of each cat. These attributes include attack speed, attack power, skill power, critical rate, and critical damage.

The special characters

The attacking cats are kitted with special attributes that enable them to attack and overpower their enemies effortlessly. Amongst the attacking cats, you find Chippy (The Black Smith), Zappy (The Electric One), Ivy (The Windmill Kitten), Evie (The Chemist), Bailey (The Swordsman), Kitty (The Guitarist), Billie (The Gambler), Polly (The Gardener), Sunnie (The Dancer), Jamie (The Fortune Teller), Pawy (The Cop), Junie (The Alien), and lots more.

The supporting cats, on the other hand, include Snowy (The Snowman), Callie (The Warden), Hammy (The Cook), Emery (The Trumpeter), Puppy (The Drummer), and the rest. These characters make the game exciting and unputdownable.

NFT Sales

Catecoin will conduct RISE OF CATS nft sales soon and you can buy all above CAT Character, follow catecoin twitter account for updates.

Play to Earn

Every player can earn CateCoin while playing the game. The coin can be withdrawn or spent in the game. Players can earn sizeable amounts of CateCoin in the form of rewards, whether in a pvp mode or Co-op mode game. More token rewards are earned by players at the top of the leaderboard.


The official token of the CateCoin game is "CateCoin." The token can be used in buying NFT assets and other services on the CateCoin ecosystem. The game has to be played in this way to earn CateCoin rewards.

  • Play the co-op mode and open the co-op chests

  • Win in PVP mode with the number of rewards

  • Accomplish daily quests

The game also has CateRuby as a secondary token that is untradeable. One can acquire a CateRuby token by playing PVP or PVE mode, and the cap that is obtainable daily is 2000. Its primary role is to enhance the cat level.

About CateCoin

CateCoin was launched to allow meme creators to create and earn with their memes in a decentralized way, and make the meme world much more useful. When meme creators submit their memes, they will receive payment in CateCoin.

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