GamingDoge Building an Ecosystem

November 02, 2021 3:05 PM EDT | Source: CaphIQ

Cape Coral, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - November 2, 2021) - GamingDoge is working to Build An Ecosystem for Gamers. Currently ranked #3188 on CoinmarketCap, GamingDoge is the ultimate companion you could wish for, unlike other meme coins, GamingDoge seeks to impress the community with its unique Tokenomics and an ecosystem that will aspire to grow into the largest community in the crypto space. The team behind this coin wants to make the Doge community and Gamers proud with their ecosystem that will bring the power of a decentralized exchange, NFT Games, and an NFT marketplace. Their priority is to bring a platform that will act as a beacon for the Gamers in Decentralised Finance (Defi).

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Figure 1: GamingDoge Building An Ecosystem

Gaming and Defi

The team working behind GamingDoge wants to bring the best of Gaming and Decentralized Finance together in one place, they have great things planned with the goal of sustainability and longevity, they are here to stay for a very long time. GamingDoge ecosystem will provide use-cases that will further the adoption of Decentralized finance. They have already released an Alpha phase footage of the game, JUMPYDOGE. It is a 2-D hyper-casual game where the character has to climb up the obstacles to score points. The game is still in its infancy and there will be many more development updates that will be released shortly as the team plans to launch the game as early as 1st week of December 2021.

Community as an Integral Part of Success

The team is well aware that every single member of the GamingDoge community comes first and that they are an integral part of the success of GamingDoge. The community is very diverse and comprises people from all over the world. GamingDoge community is primarily based on Telegram but they do have plans to grow their brand on a global scale.

The GamingDoge team understands that building a community is dependent on trust and accountability. The GamingDoge team is operating with complete transparency and every decision till now has been aligned with their ultimate goal of bringing Gaming and Decentralized finance together.

They also have a Merchandise store that will carry popular merchandise suggested by the team and the community together, all the profits generated from the sales from their merchandise store will go towards the community and further towards the development of the GamingDoge ecosystem.


GamingDoge has a 13 percent tax on every buy/sell transaction that is divided into the following break-up:

8 percent of the tax will go to an Auto Prize Fund: This wallet will be used to reward the GamingDoge holders twice weekly where the team will host a live draw in their Telegram AMA, and the holders will stand a chance to win some really big cash prizes.

4 percent of the tax will go to the Liquidity Pool: 4 percent of every buy/sell transaction will be automatically added to the PancakeSwap Liquidity pool to stabilize the volatility.

1 percent of the tax will be used for Static Rewards: 1 percent of every buy/sell transaction is redistributed to every token holder. That means holders can earn more GamingDoge tokens just by holding them in their wallets.

The GamingDoge Ecosystem:

GamingDoge Ecosystem currently comprises Decentralised exchange(DEX), NFT Games: that are currently in development, and an NFT Marketplace.

Their Decentralized exchange, GamingDoge SWAP (GDSwap) is based on the AMM protocol. AMM stands for Automated Market Maker which is the underlying protocol that powers all the Decentralised Exchanges and will enable users to swap from one token to another among BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain Network.

The GamingDoge NFT Marketplace will have many exclusive items that can be exchanged, given as presents, or used to reward the consumers who have made significant contributions to the GamingDoge community.

GamingDoge will offer NFT-integrated gaming applications where players will be able to level-up and earn items to redeem for rewards.

CoinGecko and CoinMarket listings have already come through and the community is excited for the launch of their very first Game, JumpyDoge coming in December 2021. They are targeting DEXs, NFT Gaming, and Marketplace altogether, with their unique approach towards these crypto segments there is a lot of buying pressure.

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