SEDAR+ Filing Process

Our SEDAR+ filing process is composed of 4 steps:

  1. The client uploads a job request through our Compliance Management Portal, or e-mails the document(s) to be filed to and forwards a payment for any applicable commission, exchange or SEDAR+ filing fees to us. We are not able to file the documents until the payment is received.

  2. Our staff will convert the documents submitted into PDF format. We can format documents from paper or most popular word processing, spreadsheet or desktop publishing software to PDF format.

  3. We will contact you should we require any further filing information, and then file the documents with SEDAR+.

  4. Once the documents have been filed with SEDAR+ a confirmation email will be sent to you.

The above steps assume that you have already completed the SEDAR+ onboarding process and have provided the necessary documentation to grant Newsfile the authority to file on your behalf.

If this has not been completed, please visit our SEDAR+ onboarding page and follow the instructions to get set up.

If you would like to submit documents that have already been converted to PDF format, please ensure you have read our section about PDF conversion for SEDAR+.