The American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association Investigates "Ritual Zero Proof" Arguing Deceptive Advertising Practices and Unfair Competition

Melbourne, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - September 23, 2021) - The American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association is investigating reviews posted on "Ritual Zero Proof" mx sites.

Reynald Vito Grattagliano, creator of the world's first alcohol free whisky in 2011, founded 10 years later than the AAFSA (American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association), an NPO (Non-Profit Organization), to protect and defend the sober industry he created.

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American Alcohol- Free Spirits Association by Reynald Vito Grattagliano.

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AAFSA is holding advertising companies, news medias and reporters accountable for misguiding their audience for posting fake reviews.

The American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association is also investigating "Ritual Zero Proof" for unfair competition by purchasing key works containing identical Mexican competitors' trademarks.

Unfair competition is conduct by a market participant which gains or seeks to gain an advantage over its rivals through misleading, deceptive, dishonest, fraudulent, coercive, or unconscionable conduct in trade or commerce.

It is important for customers to educate themselves and make healthy choices. People quit drinking owing to health demerits, financial conditions or because of a variety of restrictions. Web sites or businesses lying to people to build revenue is not something that AAFSA will support.

The Federal Lanham Act allows civil lawsuits for false advertising that misrepresent the nature, characteristics, quality, or geographic origin of goods and services.

American Alcohol-Free Spirits Association of the United States is the national trade association representing producers and marketers of alcohol-free spirits sold in the United States.


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