Humble & Fume Launches FUME, a Cannabis Extracts Brand Delivering a Pure and Flavorful Cannabis Experience

FUME has pioneered a proprietary extraction process that removes terpenes from the plant without the use of solvents, guaranteeing a pure, true-to-strain product

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - July 15, 2021) - Humble & Fume Inc. (CSE: HMBL) ("Humble"), a leading integrated cannabis distribution platform in North America, announced today the launch of FUME, a cannabis extracts brand delivering a pure and flavorful cannabis experience. FUME products are dedicated to the high frequency, discerning cannabis user seeking access to a wide range of benefits from cannabis.

"FUME is at the forefront of cannabis innovation and is passionate about pushing the limits of extracts to create pure and flavorful concentrates," said Joel Toguri, CEO of Humble. "Unlike most products available in Canada, FUME's production process uses solventless terpene extraction of the cannabis plant to deliver highly differentiated, natural flavor profiles to our line-up of vapes. FUME is the only extractor in Canada to use this proprietary technique in market, giving consumers a 'true to flower' experience and natural plant benefits comparable to smoking cannabis in its traditional form."

Humble also announced the release of two new FUME products:

  • Mango ZKS Full Spectrum Pax Pod is a small batch grown, premium vape with an uplifting fresh mango flavor. The proprietary solventless terpene extraction is paired with a low and slow CO2 extraction to capture all the terpenes and cannabinoids, crafted to deliver a flavor and experience identical to smoking the flower.

  • Hash Rosin 24K Gold is hand-crafted using single source, craft-grown flower to produce a light citrus flavor and a true indica experience when smoked or vaped.

These new products will play a critical role in the development of FUME's brand extension TR Signature, which features small batch, craft grown strains that are hand crafted into premium extracts for limited edition drops. The TR Signature line of cannabis vapes, and concentrates are tailored to Canada's most discerning cannabis connoisseurs and are available in select retailers in Ontario.

"Despite the fact that Canada remains ahead of the U.S. as it pertains to the legalization of cannabis, it lags behind in terms of the offering of natural and specialized cannabis concentrates. That said, demand for high quality, pure and innovative concentrates is on the rise; it is estimated that vapes and concentrates will command 18% of the Canadian market by the end of 20211. FUME is well positioned to capitalize on this trend, and we expect to capture our fair share of this under-saturated segment of the cannabis market," Mr. Toguri said.

About Humble & Fume Inc.

Humble & Fume is one of North America's leading cannabis distribution solutions providing customer-centric services and accessories. Humble & Fume works with over 200 leading industry brands and offer more than 10,000 accessories and extract products, and is the only major cannabis industry player to provide a fully integrated cannabis and accessories distribution solution with complete sales, distribution, and trade marketing support. Servicing more than 3,000 clients continent-wide, we can reach 90% of North American customers within 48 hours. Leveraging decades of North American Cannabis industry experience, we are committed to being a leading partner and brand representative by offering a comprehensive portfolio of leading brands and products to head shops, smoke shops, dispensaries, and consumers.

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About FUME

FUME is an extraction company focused on creating full-spectrum extracts that offer an authentic experience and uncompromising quality. Our mission is to push the boundaries of solventless and solvent-based extraction to pursue the best full-spectrum extracts our cultivars have to offer. The Brantford, Ontario-based company provides end-to-end production and distribution of market-ready products delivering premium and true-to-flower cannabis experiences.

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1 Industry Report: Cannabis Market Projections for US and Canada: April 2021

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