SGE Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Space

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - July 6, 2021) - SGE which stands for Society of Galactic Exploration is an Ethereum based token developed to celebrate and encourage space exploration amongst the masses. Roger Malcolm III, "SGE is built to bridge the gap between space exploration and the general public." This cryptocurrency will offer investors the golden opportunity to be part of the developmental process of the telescope.

Roger, a college student pursuing mechanical engineering and the founder and developer of SGE, introduced coins to celebrate space exploration. The company operates with a team of 24 young enthusiasts keen on thinking out of the box to bridge the gap between space exploration and cryptocurrency in the form of SGE tokens.

The advantage of SGE tokens is that it is a utility coin and is not for financial gains. Investors who wish to see the world above can invest in a hiss. The developer and their team will be transparent with their official names released. This is relatively uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency. Through this platform, holders will be able to control a telescope from the palm of their hands. Their mobile application will feature a remote login option to various telescopes revolving above us so that users can witness the world above.

SGE, per a legal opinion, is recorded as a utility coin. Instead, the purpose is to hold cash utilized as a currency to buy time for the telescope application. The developers said that "SGE has started performing audits of themes with an appealing format so other coins can post them immediately after receiving them." It will also perform audits promptly, which can be rare, they added. In case any currencies fail the initial audit, developers will provide consultation to change such contracts.

The company is also looking forward to launching hardware that will act as a wallet into space and will contain at least 1 SGE token for every humanoid on Earth. Not just that, SGE announced that they are keen to allow investors to control telescopes from their mobile app. They will enable users to take beautiful pictures of the vast emptiness above us, explore galaxies for beauty, and know the unknown. After which, users will also be able to sell their pictures in the form of NFTs.

NFT means a non-fungible token, in essence to a collectible digital asset that holds value as a form of cryptocurrency and as a form of art or culture. Unlike Bitcoins, NFT is unique and can't be exchanged. However, they store extra data and information that elevates it above pure currency. The types of NFTs are varied and can be seen in digital art or a music file, anything unique that could be stored digitally and thought of to hold value. NFTs are like a collector's item, but instead of physical and touchable stuff, it is available in the form of a JPG file.

This mobile application will allow users to control a mighty telescope straight from their mobile screen. SGE has long announced a partnership with the Down Under Observatory in Colorado, backed by NASA-affiliated astrophotographer Terry Hancock. SGE will be the first cryptocurrency to be in space and will also be sponsoring an area Concordia in the base 11 Space Challenge. SGE will have their logo added to their rocket and send a hardware wallet with SGE tokens to space.

Since SGE is a fast-growing, deflationary token with a strong community, it decided to focus on Space Exploration. SGE also developed its own NFT platform recently. Users who want to experience their services or invest in SGE can do that through their official website.

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