DOGECOLA, the World's First NFT/soft Drink Brand, Is Slated to Hit the Market Soon

Amsterdam, Netherlands--(Newsfile Corp. - March 13, 2022) - The Dogecola NFT community has set its eyes on a mission that is both original and unusual. The Dogecola community is planning to mix the iconic doge meme with a well-known soft drink, the cola, in the near future. Dogecola drinks will be available shortly, with a variety of characteristics and traits that distinguish them different from the thousands of other brands on the market.

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Dogecola will soon be the world's first NFT/soft drink project. Dogecola, which currently has a daily volume of roughly 400k USD, is gearing up for a meteoric rise with the debut of its own soft drink

What is Dogecola and its mission?

Dogecola is a cryptocurrency designed to be the world's first cryptocurrency soft drink name. The launch of the much-anticipated soft drink with the same name is still a long way off.

Dogecola states that its community's objective is to be innovative and responsible in both the crypto and environmental worlds. The Dogecola community has pledged to organize a referendum in support of donating monies to organizations fighting plastic waste.

Dogecola soft drink bottles will be a part of the answer to the growing problem of plastic waste dumps. The exact trajectory is unknown at this moment, but it will be made public once the drink hits the market.

But wait, there's more. If the drink's launch goes smoothly,

Dogecola's plan of action

The Dogecola community has published its future plan of action as a roadmap on its Discord channel for anyone to see. The following is a step-by-step plan:

Phase 1 - consisted of the launch of Dogecola's own website and discord server for community outreach, marketing, and finance. Dogecola has taken some significant judgments in this regard. The Times Square Panel, in particular, allowed millions of people to become acquainted with this token/soon-to-be soft drink. Not only that but at the 05-2021 NASCAR race, the No. 12 Chevrolet Silverado had the Dogecola painting alongside a Cola Can art that drew a large crowd in Singapore's Raffles Arcade, providing Dogecola actual visibility.

Phase 2 - will feature the soft drink's introduction, which will be covered and promoted by large YouTube and other social media influencer collaborations. In addition, after a vote, the community will make a substantial payment to an authority fighting plastic pollution.

Phases 3 and 4 will address technical challenges such as bridging with the Ethereum network and expanding the community. The official apparel of Dogecola will also be available on the website.

What makes Dogecola worthy?

Dogecola stands apart in the crypto industry due of its original nature, which provides something fresh to the table as well as utility, rather than merely name or renown.

All drink purchasers will have the opportunity to purchase or win Dogecola NFT art as soon as it becomes available on the official website, which is a foresightful move. Dogecola's simplicity, clarity, and vision all combine to make it appealing in the worlds of crypto, soft drinks, and NFTs. Because of its size, this group is susceptible to a wide range of influences. So stay a little longer and see Dogecola's growth with the launch of its soft drink and NFTs.

Due diligence and research are a must-do for all investors, and they cannot be overstated. Do not rely your financial decisions on what you see or read.

How to be a part of the Dogecola community?

Dogecola has its own Telegram Group, Discord Server, and Twitter handle as part of its outreach effort.

People can join the Dogecola community by purchasing tokens on the Dogecola website. Soft drink purchasing options will be available soon. NFTs will be bought or sold from the website too.

Link to the Discord server:

Link to the Twitter handle:

Link to the Official Dogecola website:

Note that on the website's main page, there are two buttons, namely; Buy Token and Buy Soft Drink. The latter is not yet active but soon will be.

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