Is the Copper Mask the New Gold Standard for Global Health?

Redington Shores, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - June 8, 2021) - Kuhn Copper Solutions (KCS) announces the product launch of the Kuhn All Copper Mask and Insert. "Of the metals that are out there, it (copper) is as valuable to the human race as gold," said Michael Schmidt, Microbiology and Immunology Professor, Medical University of South Carolina. (1) Phyllis J Kuhn, PhD, American Board of Medical Microbiology, is the inventor and producer of the reusable Mask and Insert.

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Figure 1a Kuhn Copper Mask

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Figure 1b Kuhn Copper Inserts

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Figure 2a Kuhn Copper Mask

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Figure 2b Kuhn Copper Insert

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  • Copper in the Nose Studies at the Penn State, the Behrend Campus, Erie, PA showed that after two hours of wearing either the Mask or Insert, copper ions were deposited in the nose, the site where viruses first attack and invade the body. Copper is known to kill bacteria and inactivate respiratory viruses, including the COVID-19 virus, on contact.
  • Safety: Copper deposited in the nose or eluted from the mask was miniscule, less than 2 parts per million. The amounts would have to be almost 100 times greater to cause harm. (2, 3) The mask is safe. Allergy and sensitivity to copper are rare.

    Mascne, acne (red bumpy areas) from masks has never been reported with the KCM.
  • Preventing Spread: A mask prevents the virus's ability to invade and multiply in a host. Masks are now recognized as one of the most effective methods to stop the spread of COVID-19. (4)

    With 10,000 mask makers worldwide, what makes the KCM potentially the most valuable and economical mask? First, it is a mask for all seasons. In fall and winter, it offers protection from flu and colds; in spring and summer, protection from environmental allergens. Second, it has a two-year outdate, longer than any mask on the market.
  • Copper contentThe copper content of most masks ranges from 12% to 22%. The Kuhn Copper Mask and Kuhn Copper Insert are 99.95% pure copper, the highest copper content possible.
  • Germ Killing ActivityCopper, registered by the EPA as the first antimicrobial metal, caused massive destruction of germs on mere contact. (5) The mask's main structural component is pure copper. In an in-house study, when saliva was placed on the mask, 90% kill occurred in less than 5 minutes.
  • ConvenienceCDC suggests cleaning hands before applying a mask, before and after taking it off, and after touching it any time. CDC recommends washing a fabric mask daily or disposing a medical mask in the trash after each use.

    Most masks are considered infectious waste and can harbor germs. In contrast, the Kuhn Copper Mask and Insert are self- disinfecting, destroying germs on contact. The Mask can be placed on a night stand for use the next day or washed if contaminated with organic material. If touched, the mask disinfects itself.
  • Permanent Cidal (Destructive) ActivityMost masks lose effectiveness if washed daily for 30 to 50 days. The germ- destroying (cidal) activity of the Kuhn Copper Mask and Insert I is evergreen and never wears out.
  • Two-year outdateWith proper care, the Kuhn Mask can last two years, longer than any mask on the world market. It can tarnish, but this does not affect the virus- destroying capabilities. Also, the tarnish can be removed.
  • Cool and Comfortable: The copper mesh has a 30% open weave, ensuring a comfortable cool wearing experience and easy breathing. Despite the open weave, the mask is water- resistant, repelling droplets from sneezes. (Fig 3) Nelson Laboratory, a global recognized leader in mask testing, demonstrated a differential pressure of 0.1. (7) A differential pressure of a surgical mask is 0.9. The Kuhn Copper Mask was 9 times easier to breathe through than a surgical mask.

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Figure 3 Mask is water- resistant

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User reports:

Kuhn Copper Solutions is collecting reports for future studies. These reports are roughly divided into respiratory (common colds and flu) and allergy (environmental allergens) reports. (See

Copper, a mineral necessary for health, is considered a nano nutraceutical in wound healing for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. (6) A nutraceutical is naturally occurring food supplement or mineral thought to have a potential beneficial effect on human health.

Use of face masks was reported to cause a reduction in chronic rhinitis, possibly due to a decrease in contact with allergens. (8)

Mask with a Mission:

3FDM, Largo, Florida, and Quest, Inc., Orlando, FL. manufacture the Kuhn Copper Solutions products. Quest, a sheltered workshop, provides opportunities for challenged individuals. Future sales will allow expansion into other sheltered workshops.

KCS would welcome dialogue with copper- based global coalitions to offer copper products globally. This coalition is best represented by Cuprionix®, a coalition between Petro Chem and Copper 3D.

Many states, for example, mayors in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson, are taking a conservative approach to abandoning masks. Mask mandates persist. (9)

Peter Hayes, the Urban Outreach Director, has arranged an evaluation of the KCM by Greg Fisher, Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, population 1 million, and President of US Conference of 5,000 mayors. The KCM will be presented emblazoned with the city logo, a golden fleur de lis .


The KCM has not been evaluated by the FDA, but the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes copper, the mask's main structural component, as an antimicrobial metal. No claims have been made regarding the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure of any disease.

More to come on new products in our next release, such as a mini- mask for dining and socializing, and a copper insert designed for children's masks, converting a child's mask into a virus destroying mask.

Contact Information:

Kuhn Copper Solutions
Phyllis Joan Kuhn, PhD (ABMM)
17745 Gulf Boulevard, Apt 404 Redington Shores, Fl 33708
727 289 2754


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