Lavish Loyalty: A One-Stop Growth Platform for Small to Medium Businesses Enabling Decentralised Commerce

Townsville, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - May 13, 2021) - Lavish Loyalty has become one of the best decentralised platforms that help businesses get more customers. Getting customers and making a sale for small to medium businesses isn't an easy task. It requires a lot of strategies and innovative implementation with loads of trial and error techniques. Apart from these, it costs huge bucks. However, now Lavish Loyalty is here to help small to medium businesses gain more loyal customers. It's a trustworthy and reliable business owner engagement community and the best place to explore countless opportunities. The complete B2B networking aspect of the platform makes it the best place to meet other like-minded business owners and implement decentralised business strategies together.

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Travis Stroud, CEO of Lavish Loyalty

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The Company started as a Crypto-Tourism side hustle called Lavish Crypto back when the founder, Travis Stroud, was deployed to Afghanistan in 2018. He decided to use the power of the internet to incorporate his idea and formed a solid marketing pipeline through his LinkedIn followers. He also started gathering an international team. He raised around $70K from friends but even after getting great feedback, there were not many investment opportunities, due to which he had to disband his team and work on it alone. The following months were very challenging where he said, "It was heartbreaking to tell my team that I could not pay them, during the deployment even my wife decided to leave me." He also mentions, "The following year was the most distressing time of my life." But he kept working on his project alone, pivoting several times. "I have suffered and sacrificed, but everything paid off, and I am so proud of how far I have come after enduring such adversity," he said recently.

Lavish Loyalty helps small to medium businesses compete with larger corporations by creating incentive for them to purchase within the partner community wherever possible. It not only increases sales and profits but also grows partnerships, connections, and support and helps partners to save some money on personal and business expenses. The simple and easy-to-operate tools help you to find appropriate business partners and message them directly. The Company values your privacy and will therefore never profit from selling your personal data. Unlike competing loyalty programs, Lavish Loyalty doesn't charge commissions on transactions but rather asks for partners to offer an advertised discount to other partners when they purchase loyally within the community. It is truly a decentralised, what comes around goes around, "Mates Rates" system which makes it one of the best communities for customer acquisition and retention.

Overall, Lavish Loyalty is a free platform for partners to connect with other businesses, close sales, or come up with mutually beneficial deals at the cost of $0. The platform partners gain new customers without costing a single penny-Lavish Loyalty is born out of two concepts- B2B exchange and crypto decentralisation. In the future, the platform will profit from a subscription model, but Travis is waving that at the moment to build the community quickly. The future monthly subscription fees for new partners will be far less than competitors' due to far lower operating costs.

Lavish Loyalty will create a huge network of small to medium businesses offering all manner of goods and services including many tourism operators in Australia. The Company will allocate 10% of its income from all sources to a not-for-profit which will provide grants to new and existing tourism businesses for the purchase of new equipment or the means to transport tourists around regional areas. This unprecedented injection of cash will breathe life back into Australia's COVID-19-crippled tourism sector ready for international travellers to be allowed back in. All the Company will ask in return is that the recipients of the grants become partners on the Lavish Loyalty platform. This strategy will ensure Lavish Loyalty will grow the largest network of tourism operators in Australia and the original concept of Lavish Crypto will become a reality.

So, if you would like to grow your network, close more sales, or improve cash flow, Lavish Loyalty is the best entry-level and free to use platform. Travis has generously enabled free subscriptions for life for a limited period, and interested business owners should create an account at today before the free for life period ends.

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