Backbone Angels Officially Launches Out of Canada

An Angel collective focused on bringing more women founders to the table

March 08, 2021 8:00 AM EST | Source: Backbone Angels

Canada--(Newsfile Corp. - March 8, 2021) - Backbone Angels, today announced the launch of their angel collective. Backbone invests in women and non-binary founders with a focus on investments in Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour-led companies.

Backbone is a collective of active angel investors made up of ten founding partners with diverse technical and operational backgrounds. They met building and scaling Shopify with a common mission to support more entrepreneurs. Being witness to the power of entrepreneurship, Backbone believes there is space for many founders to succeed but that access to the resources it takes to succeed are not equitably distributed. They want to change that. Founders in the Backbone portfolio will have access to expertise in product, data, UX, customer support, marketing, talent, legal, operations, and strategy. With an investment from one or multiple members of Backbone, founders gain access to the strength of the collective. "We realized our collective experience was incredibly powerful and by launching Backbone, we will be able to bring more expertise, resources, and strength to a founders journey," said Arati Sharma, founding partner of Backbone.

"Everyone has a story worth telling. The story of Backbone is that ten women, with years of experience scaling one of the biggest technology companies in the world, decided that it was time to take all of our individual efforts, formalize it, and bring that work together to have a larger impact on the world," said Atlee Clark, founding partner of Backbone. "Every single one of us brings something unique to the table. Some of us are founders, some of us have deep technical experience and now combined, we want to bring more women to the table to get the funding their companies deserve. The power of this collective is unstoppable," said Arati Sharma, founding partner of Backbone. "We've spent most of our careers on the front line of entrepreneurship. We know the story of the journey and the individual matters just as much as the final product. Entrepreneurship is incredibly hard, and even harder if you're a woman of colour. We want to change that."

Founders looking to get in touch should email Backbone and check out for more information.

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