Resgreen Group International, Inc. Discusses The Potential of Their Wanda SD Disinfecting Robots with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - January 21, 2021) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Resgreen Group International, Inc. (OTC Pink: RGGI) ("the Company"), a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AIRs), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). CEO of the Company, Parsh Patel, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company's advanced technologies. "The company specializes in material handling systems," explained Patel. "We have developed expertise particularly in smaller vehicles, because that is what is needed in distribution centers, in hospitals to be able to move goods and services, and in factories where they need to be able to move material around," he continued. "You need to have flexible systems for that," said Patel.

Patel then elaborated on the Company's 3D printing technology, which involves the use of integrating sensors throughout the printing process. "That is how we were able to build this particular Wanda SD robot in less than 120 days start to finish," shared Patel regarding the Company's disinfecting robot, which utilizes UVC light to sanitize facilities like hospitals, schools, and offices.

"When will you be able to commercialize the Wanda SD robot?", asked Jolly. "The first pre-production unit is coming out on the 28th of this month," said Patel. "If everything works out with that unit, then they will go ahead and produce a limited run of about 14 to 15 units," he explained. "If that goes well, I think we can go full force," said Patel, noting that this could mean around 30 units or more per month.

Patel then shared that the Company is currently focused on targeting the hospitality industry, but will eventually expand into office spaces, as well as schools, which will be able to use the technology conveniently and efficiently.

"What is the price point for the Wanda SD?", asked Jolly. "Our robots are going to be at about a $5,000 to $7,000 range," shared Patel before elaborating on the competitive nature of this pricing, as well as the convenience the Company's robots offer. "In our case, you're going to take it out of the box, download an Android app, and power it up."

"What makes your company so different?", asked Jolly. "The company is different because we produce our robots," said Patel. "The second thing is that we can adapt," he said, adding that the sensors of the robot can be customized to meet their clients' needs. "We're nimble, we're small, and we have a deep understanding of what can go wrong and what can go right."

To close the interview, Patel encouraged listeners to consider the potential of the Company's technology and its capabilities. "There is a company that is capable of producing a robot by printing it and making it cost effective," shared Patel, noting the many industries that can take advantage of this technology. "To sanitize something completely, it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars."

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