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February 29, 2024 9:00 AM EST | Source: Stock Day Media

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - February 29, 2024) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed StrainsForPains, Inc. (OTC Pink: EBYH) ("the Company"), a medical marijuana recommendation engine that guides patients to the appropriate cannabinoid levels, medical cannabis strains, and consumption methods for their specific ailment. CEO of the Company, Simon Shainberg, joined Stock Day host Matthew Dunehoo.

Dunehoo began the interview by asking about Mr. Shainberg's background. "I am a graduate of the State University of New York (SUNY) where I received my BS in Economics and Business, and I have done graduate studies at MIT. I have twenty years of venture capital experience, and have done successful financings in public companies in areas of scientific technology, health care, CAD/CAM , fashion, merchandising, and real estate. I financed and worked with Olivia Newton-John's Koala Blue in the 1980's and Richard Diehl's Graphsoft (now Vectorworks) in the 1990's. I developed regenerative medicine systems with stem cell technology in the 1980's working on umbilical cord therapy to treat genetic diseases, cancers, and inherited disorders. In this manner I began to train myself to seek out various treatment options for ailments, whether they be Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Epilepsy, or Osteoarthritis. I am currently a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society," stated Mr. Shainberg

"What inspired you to create StrainsForPains?" asked Dunehoo. "The inspiration for StrainsForPains comes from a personal need. Around 2007, my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor that required numerous surgeries and drug therapy. That caused him much pain, which had a significant impact on his quality of life. Luckily, his use of opioids to combat the pain was temporary and he soon got off pain meds. Yet, while he was on pain meds I did not know how long it would last. So I delved into the scientific research into medical cannabis to see if that would be an alternative to opioids," said Mr. Shainberg

The conversation then turned to how did you build the medical cannabis database app? "It took a lot of old-fashioned research over 2 decades to create it. I attended cannabis conferences such as the international cannabinoid research society conferences. I bought and read countless books that focused on the medical uses for cannabis, and I took a couple of classes to learn about the endocannabinoid system. I read thousands of clinical studies and peer reviewed journals from Israel to Canada to Germany, taking substantial notes and feeding them into my proprietary computer banks.

StrainsForPains utilizes a robust database of strains, cannabinoids, and medicinal applications aggregated through semantic web technology and validated by medical devices in research centers around the world. I employ advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the system. I believe that we have a service that is rare within this community, in that our competitive advantage is that our competitors do not have the extensive scientific backup to why they suggest taking one cannabinoid over another. I believe that my studies of 10,000 hybrid cannabis plants and its cross reference to over 100 pains are unique within this industry. My observational research also allowed me to gather reliable data that helped me design my system," Mr. Shainberg stated.

"Why do you enter the CBD market?" asked Dunehoo. "My passion comes from my inherent love for the plant, and the ability to improve wellness. Those components compelled me to join the CBD market. Millions of people that do not have chronic pain, but they do suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and moderate pain. They deserve to know about and use CBD, a plant-based alternative to improve their quality of life. I believe that our CBD cream far outpaces the quality of what is out there now in the marketplace due to its high CBD content, manufacturing processes, and other proprietary compounds. Our fundamental approach to product development is extensive R&D, stringent quality control, and adherence to international quality standards. Our initial entry into the market has resulted in $65,000 in wholesale sales to various retail establishments in the tri-state area. We own a 7-acre Pennsylvania facility that will produce and distribute CBD products in 2024."

To close the interview, Mr. Shainberg added that there is a need for innovation beyond our current approaches to mental and physical healthcare and the therapeutic value of these substances is limitless. I am excited to see this movement continue to gain traction and enter mainstream acceptance, with a focus on individualized medicine and how we can alleviate suffering in numerous conditions of the body and mind. In 2024 we will focus our efforts on the development of our upcoming advanced AI app and our CBD brand that will expand into many products. We will seek to forge a new path in our approach to healthcare, that will expand to CBD products for pets as well as a nutritional app.

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Overview of Strainsforpains, Inc.: Please visit our website at Strainsforpains, Inc. is an innovative healthcare data technology Company located in New York, N.Y. The Company's objectives are to provide doctors, nurses, dispensaries, and patients access to an APP that will allow for an advanced determination of comparison of strains or brands of cannabis combinations with major illnesses, in a user-friendly manner. The company owns a 7 acre facility in Pennsylvania that will be used for CBD product production. Mr. Shainberg is a member of the prestigious International Cannabinoid Research Society,

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