Silo Pharma Inc. Discusses The Potential of Merging Traditional Therapeutics with Psychedelic Research On The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - January 20, 2021) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Silo Pharma Inc. (OTCQB: SILO) ("the Company"), a developmental stage biopharmaceutical company focused on merging traditional therapeutics with psychedelic research for people suffering from indications such as depression, PTSD, Parkinson's, and other rare neurological disorders. CEO of the Company, Eric Weisblum, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

"Personally, I have over 20 years of experience investing and working in the private and public markets," shared Weisblum to start the interview. "I have served on the board of NASDAQ listed biotech companies, and have consulted and worked with licensing technologies from various universities."

"Why did you choose this particular space?" asked Jolly. "There's a lot of research that has been done, there's a lot of positive studies and clinical trials that are on-going," said Weisblum. "It is estimated that by 2027 this will be a $6.85 billion market according to Data Bridge Market Research," he shared. "We see this as a tremendous opportunity, not just for the investors and the upside, but to actually develop and bring therapeutics to the market that could actually help people."

Weisblum then elaborated on the therapeutic applications of psychedelics. "A lot of the studies have shown very positive data that anxiety, depression, and PTSD respond very well to some of the psychedelic drugs," explained Weisblum. "We see a tremendous opportunity for people that have not responded to traditional therapies," he continued, adding that the Company is currently focused on combining traditional therapeutics with psychedelic research for their potential role in treating individuals with CNS disorders.

Jolly then asked about the Company's investment potential and primary objectives. "Neurological and central nervous system disorders are what our focus is on," said Weisblum. He then explained that the Company is hopeful that the ongoing studies involving the use of psychedelics to treat anxiety and depression will help them determine if these compounds can be used with their proprietary IP to help patients with Parkinson's and other disorders and conditions.

The conversation then turned to the Company's accomplishments in 2020. "What I'm really proud of is our Scientific Advisory Board," shared Weisblum. "I think we have some of the most well-regarded, reputable people in the industry."

"What are you hoping to accomplish in the next two to three quarters?" asked Jolly. "We're moving forward with our LSD and psilocybin study for the effects on Parkinson's," said Weisblum. "In addition, we are doing a study with our peptide for multiple sclerosis and we're looking forward to receiving those data points and moving those forward in 2021," he continued. "We are also working on a couple of technologies within various universities that we hope will consummate in 2021."

"How did you get involved with the University of Maryland?" asked Jolly. "Through prior experience with a biotech and NASDAQ listed company," responded Weisblum. "I helped transform that company into a full biotechnology company, and I have developed relationships with various universities and tech transfer departments," he explained. "A lot of it is relationship-based, and I think that's one of the strengths that we have as a team over here."

To close the interview, Weislbum shared that the Company will continue to strive to advance the combination of therapeutics and psychedelics in an effort to make a difference in patients with a variety of disorders.

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Silo Pharma is a developmental stage biopharmaceutical company focused on merging traditional therapeutics with psychedelic research for people suffering from indications such as depression, PTSD, Parkinson's, and other rare neurological disorders. Silo's mission is to identify assets to license and fund the research which we believe will be transformative to the well-being of patients and the health care industry. For more information, visit

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