Pro-Dex, Inc. Discusses Record-Breaking Year-End Sales with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - November 11, 2020) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Pro-Dex, Inc. (NASDAQ: PDEX) ("the Company"), a company that specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of autoclavable, battery-powered and electric, multi-function surgical drivers and shavers used primarily in the orthopedic, thoracic, and maxocranial facial markets. CEO of the Company, Rick Van Kirk, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by noting that the Company's stock price has increased significantly over the last few months, and asked how this growth was achieved. "March was a $9 million quarter, which at the time was a record," shared Van Kirk. "June, our year-end, was an $11 million quarter for us in terms of sales, which was by far a record. We finished off the year at just under $35 million," said Van Kirk. "What's driving it is some of the projects that you and I had been talking about finally got released and are in and out of production and have been shipped to the outside world."

Van Kirk then elaborated on the Company's products, which includes powered surgical drivers. "We're really happy with the early returns on those products; the doctors really like them," said Van Kirk, noting that these products launched in June. "We're already getting more orders for those," he added.

"Do you have any more products in R&D?", asked Jolly. "As we continue to have success and the ability to reinvest that back into the business, we do have some more products that are in development," shared Van Kirk, adding that the Company is able to offer white label products, as well as products under their own name. "We've got another CMF project that should be released in our third quarter in January," said Van Kirk. "We also have an ENT shaver project that we've been working on a long time and we expect it to pay off well for us. That will probably be released in our fourth quarter of next year."

"Since you and I last spoke in May, we were granted a license from JPL NASA to help finish a design for manufacturing for a ventilator design that they have," shared Van Kirk, adding that the Company intends to begin the production of their own ventilator designs in the next calendar year. "We want to be part of the solution," said Van Kirk.

"Have you given any thought to doing international sales?", asked Jolly. "Absolutely," said Van Kirk. "We think that a lot of our ventilator business will be overseas, and we're already starting to work with some contacts in that regard," he continued. "We've talked before about some of the challenges in getting approval to ship existing products overseas, and our customers would like that," said Van Kirk. "We've actually had some significant progress in that regard," he shared. "We've got a couple more things to clear up and submit, and hopefully we get that resolved pretty quickly and can help our customers service their customers overseas."

"Has there been any major developments in the company since the last time we spoke?", asked Jolly. "Yes, there has," said Van Kirk. "A couple of days ago, we closed escrow on a building; we bought a building for additional space and capacity to support this growth that I think everybody is starting to see," said Van Kirk. He also shared that the Company's largest customer recently extended their 2021 contract by four years. "That's a pretty important development for us and obviously one that we're very happy about."

To close the interview, Van Kirk thanked the Company's team and shareholders for their support and dedication. "I think we're doing a pretty good job of sticking to what we said we were going to do," said Van Kirk. "We don't plan on slowing down. We just invested in a lot of space and capacity to keep this thing going," said Van Kirk before encouraging interested listeners to reach out with any questions.

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Pro-Dex, Inc. specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of autoclavable, battery-powered and electric, multi-function surgical drivers and shavers used primarily in the orthopedic, thoracic, and maxocranial facial markets. We have patented adoptive torque-limiting software and proprietary sealing solutions that appeal to our customers, primarily medical device distributors. Pro-Dex also sells compact pneumatic air motors for a variety of industrial applications. Pro-Dex's products are found in hospitals and medical engineering labs around the world. For more information, visit the Company's website at

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