Route1 Inc. CEO, Tony Busseri, Shares Aggressive Growth Strategy with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - February 13, 2020) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Route1 Inc. (OTCQB: ROIUF) ("the Company"), an advanced North American technology company that empowers their clients with data-centric solutions necessary to drive greater profitability, improve operational efficiency and gain sustainable competitive advantages, while always emphasizing a strong cybersecurity and information assurance posture. The CEO of the Company, Tony Busseri, joined host Everett Jolly for an interview at the Stock Day studios.

Jolly began the interview by noting that the Company was named the "Genetec AutoVu Premier Partner of The Year - North America", and asked what this means for PCS Mobile and Route1 Inc. Busseri explained that the Company has owned PCS Mobile for eight months. "The award that PCS Mobile received from Genetec means that they are the number one seller of the Genetec AutoVu technology in North America," shared Busseri. "Actually, it is five years running that PCS Mobile has won that award," added Busseri.

"Ultimately, what it means is that we're doing a very good job of partnering with Genetec, bringing their technology, our services, and our incremental solutions to the table for our public safety clients as well as those that own parking lots," explained Busseri. "We're delivering an outcome that our collective clients are looking for," said Busseri.

Jolly then asked about the Company's transition from a software vendor to a data centric solutions company. Busseri explained that the transition was instigated by the decision to build a business around an advanced security technology. "We leveraged some of our core competencies," explained Busseri. "Ultimately, we deliver that software application through a private cloud infrastructure called MobiNET, or in the instance when we're servicing our federal government in Washington it's called a DEFIMNET," said Busseri. "That private cloud infrastructure allows us to quickly deliver security-based software applications," he continued, noting that the Company eventually developed numerous software applications for this infrastructure.

Busseri then commented on the Company's expansion into data analytics and data visualization, which lead to the acquisitions of GroupMobile and PCS Mobile. "As we stand today, we've gone from a software vendor with one solution to a much more diversified outcomes-based company that can address your data security issues, data analytics issues, data visualization issues, and use the clients' data to make excellent, real-time security decisions."

"How did you guys leverage your software engineering toolbox to drive your business model?" asked Jolly. "The fact that we were built off of being a software engineering shop, and particularly with a strong bent towards security, gives us something really unique," said Busseri. "It means that we can deliver new technology and new applications to meet your exact needs."

Busseri then updated listeners on the Company's 2019 financials and elaborated on the potential of 2020, especially considering the Company's transformation over the past few years. "We think Q1 and Q2 are set-up to be very strong quarters," said Busseri. "That is a reflection of us having a vision and strategy and executing around it."

Jolly then asked about the Company's growth strategy, as well as their plans to fund future acquisitions. "We are going to hopefully do multiple deals in 2020," said Busseri. "What's important for our shareholders and stakeholders to know is that we continue to look to acquire high-end sales talent and new clients," said Busseri. "That could be within current market areas that we have or new ones."

"The other things you will find from us this year is that we will release new technology that supports what we believe our clients want to deliver their outcomes or we may acquire pre-revenue technology," shared Busseri.

Busseri then commented on the Company's ability to deliver technology that provides both security and transparency in a cost-effective manner to their public safety clients.

"We are generating good cash flow right now. We use that cash flow to make strategic investments, so it's going to be a combination of our own cash, maybe a little bit of vendor notes, and from time to time we will issue some of our common shares," said Busseri when explaining the Company's strategy for funding upcoming acquisitions. He also noted that the Company will be looking to avoid dilution when it comes to financing these acquisitions.

"We hope to exit this year with a run rate of somewhere between sixty to seventy-five million dollars in revenue," said Busseri. "We think we have the resources to do it, but we will obviously do what is best for our shareholders," closed Busseri.

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