JZZI Targets Specific Industries for Acquisitions in Age of Disruption

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 13, 2020) - JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI). Many industries and business models are at risk of being disrupted due to rapid technological developments, enabling new business models, replacing old distribution channels and changing the way people and businesses interact with each other.

At this moment we see groundbreaking disruption taking place across most industries. While JZZI intends to enter these industries through intelligent acquisition, the timing and evolution must be calculated to leverage all of the benefits of each operating company it acquires.

The first industry that JZZI will enter is Media and Entertainment by way of news. This sector is already disrupted and JZZI believes it will enter this industry to produce significant revenues while acquiring tools that will allow its next planned area of disruption monetization in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

JZZI has completed its internal 2020 capital structure requirements permitting targeted acquisitions of potentially dominant companies in the Media and Entertainment economic sector. Including news, this sector has seen wild disruption due to the internet and platform-based services and software such as major search engines and social media platforms. Currently contributing 2.4% of the GDP of the US economy, this industry is ripe for securing dominant positions in many areas from earned media to entertainment and intelligence services. The race for dominant positions is on and in tandem with the projected growth globally to 2.6 Trillion dollars by 2023. 

Further, natural migration to the Digital Economy sector of most businesses due to technological disruption compelling change to maintain market share, places intelligent Media and Entertainment companies in a unique position to mitigate migration pains via media and technology components. The Digital Economy contributed to 6.9% of US GDP and is beginning to disrupt ancient methods of commerce and shall continue to increase velocity. AI and blockchain are merely the accelerating agents compelling industrial migration since servers and software became mainstream.

JZZ Tech should be defining its first series of acquisitions centered in this magnificently disrupted industry over the next few days. JZZI will be continually seeking to acquire companies with that special edge or two that can leverage opportunities and gain advantage with something as simple as a shift in perception.

Areas of interest strategic to JZZI's agenda are platform-based news and entertainment concerns.

The traditional Public Relations software and services industry including content marketing, media monitoring, media list building, distribution and analysis will likely be radically different in ten years. Changing clients demands, employee expectations, rapid technology developments and other external factors will change the nature of jobs and skills required in the future.

Ultimately, these factors, with technology in the lead, may even challenge the very nature of the "practical expertise" that professionals deliver today.

Considerable movement in the same direction as JZZ Tech, regarding amalgamation of (now) two of the largest providers of earned media-based PR software and services, has developed highly respected Cision Ltd. and West Corporation.

Cision Ltd. is a provider of PR software and services. Cision's software allows users to identify key influencers, craft and distribute strategic content, and measure meaningful impact. Cision has acquired 10 companies of its own, including 7 in the last 5 years for a total of almost $2 billion.

Cision's largest singular acquisition to date was when it acquired PR Newswire Association for $841M. It has grown its revenue notably over the last 5 years, primarily through acquisitions. Cision now has 4800 employees and is producing almost $1 billion a year annually. Now Cision is the one acquired.

The Board of Directors agreed to sell the company for $2.74 Billion Dollars in October of 2019 and will close this first quarter of 2020.
* https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cision-ltd-announces-agreement-to-be-acquired-by-an-affiliate-of-platinum-equity-for-10-00-per-share-in-all-cash-deal-valued-at-approximately-2-74-billion-300942982.html

West Corporation, a competitor of Cision and global leader in technology-enabled services, recently completed the acquisition of the public relations and digital media businesses from Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) for approximately $335 million.

Digital technology developments in this PR space are the leading disrupters, fed by social, mobile, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and a growing demand for "anytime-anywhere" access to information.

This particular industry, a partial area of the gross economic sector of Media and Entertainment, serving needs driven by the growing Digital Economy, is prime example of opportunities in many areas of our targeted campaigns. The consolidation of a highly fragmented industry filling daily with post disrupted businesses in possession of significant salvage value, combined with new technologies, delivering to a market easily adaptive to shifting paradigms, is a proven method of expedient achievement of size and volume suitable to larger enterprise with larger minimum impact requirements. Intelligent platforms engineered to provide beneficial inherent arbitrage structure, driven by modern built delivery chains, provide a lower cost matrix promoting inclusion, rather than exclusion, to all commercial interests within JZZI's target markets in 2020.

JZZ Technologies, Inc.

JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) is an industrial economic engineering agency. JZZ Tech provides industrially economic solutions designed to make highly disruptive technologies easily accessible to industry participants. Approaching industries with inclusive access models minimizes risk to disruption and maximizes monetization of disruptive technologies. JZZ Tech solutions provide a clear value to society at multiple levels by simplifying access, usage and integration of disruptive technologies to all industrial participants. Our method is to leverage needs and complications in post-disruptive environments, align incentive to value, consolidate and integrate experience and innovation, then produce tangible access with clear value of multiples in efficiency to each beneficial party at every transactional level. Through superior problem solving JZZ Tech produces a powerful net result of quicker monetization of applied solutions to industrial level problems. The net result is increased efficiency in societal adaptation to disruptive technology due to incentive satiation, to produce substantial profits for the agency of facilitation.

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