HealthLynked Is Driving The Revolution Toward Patient-Centered Medicine; HealthLynked Network Is Transforming The Way Healthcare Data Is Shared.

Soulstring Media Group shows how HealthLynked is changing the way medical data transfer gets done.

January 07, 2020 7:37 AM EST | Source: Hawk Point Media Group.

Miami Beach, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - January 7, 2020) - Can you imagine a world where scheduling a doctor's appointment is as quick and easy as ordering an Uber? All your medical records flow easily from one doctor to another. A computer looks at your healthcare data and makes recommendations to optimize your health. With the HealthLynked Network (OTCQB: HLYK), that world is right at your fingertips. HealthLynked is singlehandedly changing the landscape of personal medical records transfer and how healthcare is being delivered.

The HealthLynked Network is a patient-centered medical information exchange designed to bring efficiencies and convenience to patients by connecting patients, doctors and healthcare data. The platform does this by first, connecting patients to their healthcare providers, and second, through a connected healthcare medical record system that is patient centered, the platform provides, third, personalized medical recommendations using artificial intelligence (AI).

HealthLynked tackles some of the biggest problems in the healthcare system--finding appropriate healthcare providers, scheduling appointments, slow check-ins', record mobility and access, management of other family members healthcare and efficient marketing of healthcare related services-and improved them. Their improvements in efficiency and effectiveness in these areas will lead to revolutionary changes in how healthcare is delivered that will ultimately benefit us all.

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Bringing 21st Century Technology To Medical Practice

Going to the doctor has traditionally been a reaction to getting sick. No one considered going to the doctor without first having a pain, cough, or other symptom that suggested something was wrong-possibly very wrong! A visit to the family doctor might result in a referral to a specialist or a battery of tests. Encouraging timely, routine visits to the proper physician and getting age- or condition-appropriate testing is, without argument, the best way to head off serious illness before it strikes.With the influx of Big Data and advanced AI, patient data itself will be the driver to better patient care. However, patients still must be engaged to reach the full benefits of advanced care management. So, while some companies were contemplating solutions, or building off older healthcare models, HealthLynked was quietly building innovative systems, algorithms, and hardware that not only address these limitations, but created a platform that is helping to revolutionize the way records are shared and how patients interact with the healthcare system.

HealthLynked Makes Finding A Provider Easy

At the core of The HealthLynked Network is an encrypted, cloud-based, healthcare network that offers features, resources, and services to both doctors and patients. Both groups can create and then sign in to their personal health account via the company's website at or by using the HeathLynked mobile application. An account is required to unlock specific features for providers. All visitors are able to search for healthcare providers by location and specialization. Currently, more than 800,000 healthcare providers in the US and roughly 7,000 hospitals are part of the HealthLynked network directory, allowing patients to research, find and decide which provider they will see. If the physician is a HealthLynked In-Network Provider, patient members can "lynk" to those providers, request an appointment (or see available booking times if the doctor has enabled that feature), and share their personal medical records.

HealthLynked puts the power in the hands of the patient. It seeks to fully connect patients to the providers they choose, allowing the patient access to his or her medical health information at anytime and anywhere. Everything from finding a nearby specialist and booking appointments to sharing personalized healthcare records is possible at the push of a button on a smartphone or desktop computer. It's truly a revolution in patient care management.

On the road, whether on vacation or as a seasonal resident, HealthLynked membership can help facilitate prompt, accurate care-which can mean the difference between life and death. HealthLynked patients can find medical care away from home and have a complete copy of their personal medical records that they can share with an emergency doctor to receive critical care without delay.

Fast-tracked, Encrypted, Detailed and HIPAA Friendly

A key differentiation in the HealthLynked platform is that patients can share Personal Health Records (PHR) with the doctors (or friends or family members) of their choosing over the encrypted network. Medical records kept by healthcare providers are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and records can only be shared at the written request of a patient to do so. Such approvals and procedural safeguards do a great job of protecting patient privacy, but they also add a lot of time that can cause serious delays in medical treatment.

Personal Health Records (PHR) are not governed by HIPAA regulations. They are owned by the patient, who can freely decide what to do with them. HealthLynked provides a solution to this problem by allowing patient members to store their Personal Health Records and share them over the HealthLynked Network with a provider-or any person--of their choosing. As a result, new doctors and specialists caring for patients for the first time can receive the medical records in real-time. The patient can also allow selected caretakers the same access and privileges to share data.

By making the transfer and sharing of medical records quick and easy, while still keeping them protected, patients will be able to receive emergency care immediately and without potential complications. Efficient data sharing leads to less wait times. For patients, this means a better experience with improved outcomes and increased access to quality healthcare professionals.

Efficiency Solutions for Medical Practices

HealthLynked offers a patent pending hardware/software bundle that has proved hugely popular with operations managers in physician offices across the country. At the center of the system is the Patient Access Hub, a small hardware device that creates an encrypted Wi-Fi access point at point of care locations. Patients can log into it to receive free wi-fi while they wait to see their physician and in addition, they can also check in for their appointments using their smartphone. The built-in QwikChek feature connects to a web-based desktop app that allows front desk staff to manage waiting room flow and alert patients via text message when it's their turn to see the provider.

QwikCheck enables healthcare providers to see who has checked-in and for which doctors, their wait times, and how many patients are in the queue. Again, this process fast-tracks the healthcare system by reducing/removing lines at the reception desk, no longer having nurses call-out names of patients when the doctor is ready and eliminating the possibility of an accidental HIPAA violation. All of this data is stored and reviewed in chart and graph form using the Practice Analytics app, which is also included with the Patient Access Hub.

HealthLynked Delivers A Data-Driven Solution

It's clear that the HealthLynked platform improves medical practice efficiency for patients, but what may be most impressive is the app's ability to use patient data to manage their care even before the patients think of doing so themselves.

HealthLynked uses AI to analyze patient's medical information and make personalized recommendations for annual visits, and routine follow-ups. The HealthLynked team has decades of experience in the medical industry and recognize that patients often do no keep track of their necessary medical care.

HealthLynked's AI works with patients to remind them of appointments, vital medical screenings, and when to schedule follow-up visits. For example, the app will notify female members when they are due for routine screening tests such as a pap smear to test for cervical cancer or when they are due for a colonoscopy to test for colon cancer, a procedure that is recommended for all patients over the age of 50. In this way, HealthLynked's personalized recommendations keep patients on track with their specific healthcare needs.

Revolutionizing the Future of Healthcare

Not only does HealthLynked provide benefits to patients and their health, but it also has benefits for healthcare providers and the economy of the healthcare industry at-large.

Research shows that 30% of patients don't follow up for recommended appointments. However, getting these patients back in for follow up and recommended screenings can significantly improve healthcare outcomes while increasing physician revenues by as much as $135,000 per year per provider.

In addition, improving office efficiencies by reducing patient intake times by 5 to 10 minutes per patient can allow a provider to see 5-10 more patients per day. HealthLynked's QwikCheck application allows patients to check in via their smartphone devices and shorten their check in process. Studies have shown that just seeing one more patient per day can yield a $50,000 increase in physician revenue annually.

A third primary benefit to healthcare providers is reduced overall costs. Strategic partnerships with medical supply companies like MedOfficeDirect give providers access to save 10-25% on their medical supply purchases.

The Integrated Healthcare Data Revolution Is Just Beginning

Data sharing in the healthcare industry is a definite necessity. Some of the key points to note are:

  • Healthcare is highly specialized- and keeping healthcare records updated among multiple providers is a challenge. To optimize care, medical information needs to be integrated and up to date among all the healthcare providers involved in a patient's care.
  • Prescription medications can lead to complex and unfortunate drug interactions if providers are not fully aware of all the medications a patient is taking.
  • Medical mistakes are most often the result of incomplete information in the medical record or the provider not having the most up-to-date information.

Still 30% of physician practices in the US do not use an electronic health record system. There are over 1,000 different electronic health records systems in the US and connectivity among these systems often does not exist. Now, by utilizing the HealthLynked Network, patients and doctors have a common platform where sharing medical records, and related data is quick and easy.

With an experienced management team and a growing revenue base, the HealthLynked Network is projected to grow by thousands of physicians and millions of patients by the end of 2020. As well, the company has plans to up-list to NASDAQ by late 2020.

Already, the HealthLynked Network has proven that it can revolutionize the economics and efficiencies of the healthcare industry. By offering a modern, accessible, and cost-effective system, better health can become an attainable reality for individual patients and, by extension, the population at large. HeathLynked is well on its way to make that happen!

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