Seafarer Exploration CEO, Kyle Kennedy, Discusses 2020 Projects with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - December 19, 2019) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Seafarer Exploration (OTC Pink: SFRX) ("the Company"), a publicly traded underwater salvage and exploration company. President and CEO of Seafarer Exploration, Kyle Kennedy, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

To begin the interview, Jolly asked about the Company's current projects. "When I visit with shareholders, I always start with the negatives first," shared Kennedy. He then elaborated on the Company's government grant, which is currently experiencing delays in processing. Kennedy explained that the grant is still in progress, however the Company is unsure when the process will be completed. "It would be very beneficial to our company, should we get it, and I think we will," said Kennedy.

Kennedy then expanded on the Company's major projects, including their blockchain division. With instantaneous storage capabilities and an unhackable platform, Kennedy elaborated on the potential of blockchain technology for states facing serious security threats. "Cities are beginning to take notice. We have over 11 major cities set-up to visit with us in January," said Kennedy. He then added that the Company's blockchain technology has also been effective for government agencies. "Those agencies are continuing to build their business with us through Probability and Statistics," said Kennedy.

The conversation then turned to the Company's advanced SeaSearcher technology. "We can already see things we've never seen before," shared Kennedy when discussing the technology's ability to view objects under the ocean floor. "It shows us the size of the item we're looking at," said Kennedy, adding that the Company is also in the process of adding a metal detector to the device.

Jolly then asked about one of the Company's current exploration projects, which was documented on the Discovery Channel. "We do feel strongly that it is one of the Spanish galleons that wrecked in the 1715 fleet," said Kennedy. "We've identified the area that the ship wrecked in," he said, adding that the ship has never been salvaged. "One advantage our SeaSearcher has is that it's autonomous. It's able to swim out there, look around, and see targets that are not just simply iron," explained Kennedy. "Already the device is giving us some very compelling targets to review further," he added.

Kennedy then shared that the Company has developed two new boats with the capability of handling five to six foot seas. "That makes a substantial difference in our efficiency on this site," said Kennedy. "Just in two months we've been able to do more digging than all of last year," shared Kennedy, noting that the Company is able to work on the site throughout the year. "As soon as we get the metal detector working on the device, we'll have targets that we will want to zero in on," said Kennedy.

"What are you most proud of in terms of your accomplishments in 2019?", asked Jolly. "We've had tremendous growth in the past year and the single most important thing is the development of the SeaSearcher," replied Kennedy. He then expanded on the Company's scientific team, which has grown tremendously over the past year. "These people are just brilliant," said Kennedy. He also commented on the potential of the Company's blockchain division, as well as the SeaSearcher's numerous applications.

Jolly then asked about the Company's expectations for 2020. Kennedy shared that the Company hopes to announce major discoveries at their current exploration site during the first quarter of 2020. "That really changes the future of our company - right there, when we make the first find with the SeaSearcher," said Kennedy. "It's proof that this works," he added. "If it works on one site, it will work around the world."

To close the interview, Kennedy expressed his excitement for the Company's upcoming projects in 2020.

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Seafarer Exploration Corp. is a publicly traded underwater salvage and exploration company traded under the symbol SFRX. The principal business of the company is to develop the infrastructure necessary to engage in the archaeologically-sensitive research, documentation, exploration, recovery, and conservation of historic shipwrecks. The company has secured multiple sites it believes contain historic and valuable shipwrecks. The company will use accepted archaeological methods to properly document, research and recover portions of the wrecks. Seafarer employs scientists and historians and is committed to preserving the cultural and historical significance of every wreck it finds.


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