Bioxytran, Inc. Joins The Stock Day Podcast to Discuss Their Oxygen Treatment Platform for Victims of Stroke

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - October 21, 2019) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Bioxytran, Inc. (OTCQB: BIXT) ("the Company"), a developmental stage biotechnology company. CEO of the Company, David Platt, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by welcoming Platt onto the show for the first time and asking about the Company's background and current projects. Platt explained that the Company focuses on developing oxygen treatments for the brain for victims of stroke trauma.

Platt explained that when a patient suffers a stroke, the first two and a half hours are critical to their well-being. "Our drug is designed to deliver oxygen during those first two and a half hours," said Platt, adding that the brain can experience significant trauma without oxygen following a stroke. "There are about 900,000 people per year that suffer from strokes, and out of them 140,000 people die," shared Platt.

Jolly then commented on the extensive rehabilitation costs associated with stroke trauma, and asked how the Company is working to combat these issues. Platt explained that the product developed by the Company is designed to be given to the patient through an intravenous injection by first responders, which allows the BXT-25 molecules to travel to the lungs and fuse with oxygen molecules. From there, the molecules travel to the brain and deliver oxygen to areas of the brain that are being blocked by clots. Platt also explained that the half-life of the drug is nine hours, and shared that amount of oxygen delivered to the brain can be easily measured with the MDX Viewer.

Jolly inquired about the progress of the Company's BXT-25 drug. Platt explained that the Company has already received FDA approval for a device that measures tissue oxygenation, which has allowed the Company to monitor the drug's delivery of oxygen to the brain. Platt shared that BXT-25 was derived from a similar drug that was considered safe to use, as shown by its use in other clinical trials. Hemopure, the building block of BXT-25, is also an approved drug in other countries, however has not yet been approved in the United States except for veterinary use.

The conversation then turned to the revenue potential of the drug. Platt expanded on his past experience and the success of his previous companies, and expressed his belief in the Company's tremendous potential.

"Why is the MDX Viewer so important to your development strategy?" asked Jolly. Platt explained that the MDX Viewer measures oxygen in tissue, and has already been approved for use by the FDA as mentioned earlier. "It's the most accurate measurement of tissue oxygenation," said Platt. He further explained that this device will be an important part of the Company's clinical trials for BXT-25, as it will monitor the drug's effectiveness in the delivery of oxygen to the brain. "That's very important for the approval process."

To close the interview, Platt shared his excitement for the latest Nobel Prize winners, as their work validates the importance of treating hypoxia, a lack of oxygen in tissue. "We are at the forefront of the development of that treatment," said Platt. He also encouraged listeners to see the potential of the Company's oxygen treatment platform in regards to its effectiveness in treating additional indications.

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About Bioxytran, Inc.

Bioxytran Inc. is a developmental stage biotechnology company. The company is working toward a first-in-class oxygen treatment platform for victims of brain stroke trauma. The first product to proceed to testing is BXT-25, which will be evaluated as a resuscitative agent to treat strokes, especially during the all-critical first hour following a stroke. The product will also be evaluated for its efficacy in treating other brain trauma issues. BXT-25 is based on a new molecule designed to reverse hypoxia in the brain. Hypoxic brain injuries such as ischemic strokes, could be treated with BXT-25 via an intravenous injection that quickly allows the drug molecule to travel to the lungs and bind with the oxygen molecules. From the lungs, the molecule mimics a red blood cell traveling to the brain. Since the molecule is 5,000 times smaller than red blood cells it can penetrate the clot and deliver the oxygen to the critical areas in the brain blocked by the clot. To learn more, visit our website:

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