"Winds of Change" Celebrating Kazakhstan's National Parks at The Canvas 3.0 Exhibition June 8th - June 11th, 2024

June 10, 2024 11:22 PM EDT | Source: Agency 7 Inc.

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - June 10, 2024) - The Canvas, the New York City-based platform for international brands and entrepreneurs, and Qazaq National Parks teamed up this past week for a unique collaboration celebrating the country's National Parks. The collaboration culminated with the launch of an immersive experience at The Canvas 3.0 gallery in the Westfield World Trade Center at the Oculus.

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Courtesy of QNP 

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Courtesy of QNP 

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The "Winds of Change" launch party at The Canvas 3.0 Gallery was designed to celebrate and inform about the natural beauty of Kazakhstan's National Parks and the individuals maintaining them. The event brought together a vibrant community of art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and conservation advocates. The exhibition, created by Dinara Guzhavina and Nargiz Magayeva, seamlessly blended the beauty of nature with creative expression, left attendees inspired and deeply moved by the artistic tributes and conservation messages presented.

The Canvas' CEO, Devin Gilmartin, said it was one of the more interesting collaborations the platform has ever worked on. "We see a lot of corporate collaboration these days, typically between multi-national conglomerates, who cleverly cross audiences to create new opportunities. For us, this was most interesting because it was not the kind of collaboration that you typically see: a retailer and a national park. It's exciting to see people engaging with nature in this way and taking commercial steps to actually support the efforts of conservationists and creatives who lend their platform to them."

"Our idea for the exhibition was to give New Yorkers a chance to take a break from the urban noise and relax in the calm visuals and sounds of Kazakhstan's nature. It means a lot for us to exhibit the beauty of the National Parks in the city of New York and showcase our efforts to bring a new outlook of how to engage with visitors and reconnect them with nature through creative projects." - Dinara Guzhavina Creative Director of QNP

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Dinara Guzhavina (left) and Nargiz Magayeva (right) by Neesmith Onzeur

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From the moment guests arrived, they were greeted by stunning land art and installations capturing the diverse landscapes of Kazakhstan's National Parks. The gallery buzzed with excitement as attendees explored limited-edition merchandise and a beautifully crafted coffee-table book, each piece highlighting the parks' natural splendor and the talents of local artists.

A highlight of the evening was the unveiling of exclusive apparel dedicated to the endangered species of Kazakhstan's National Parks. These unique items not only celebrated the wildlife but also raised awareness about the ongoing conservation efforts. The coffee-table book, available in English, Russian, and Kazakh, offered an in-depth look into the parks' essence and the communities connected to them.

Visitors were transported through Kazakhstan's picturesque valleys, sands, canyons, steppes, lakes, glaciers, and forests by evocative artworks and installations. The metaphorical winds that shape these landscapes and carry profound messages were ever-present, teaching guests about the delicate balance between inner peace and external harmony.

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Photos by Neesmith Onzeur

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About Qazaq National Parks:

Qazaq National Parks (QNP) brings together individuals dedicated to preserving nature and national heritage for future generations. Through developing visitor centers, building infrastructure, and engaging local communities, QNP aims to create a sustainable model for nature-friendly tourism in Kazakhstan. QNP's activities align with the UN's global goals for sustainable development: Goal 15 (Conservation of terrestrial ecosystems) and Goal 17 (Partnerships for sustainable development). Their approach balances social, economic, and environmental sustainability, promoting tourism in harmony with nature.

About The Canvas:

The Canvas is a retailer supporting independent brands and artists from around the world. They're based in New York, focusing on sustainability and ethical practices. By uniting independent designers, creators, and brands from around the world, The Canvas offers unique fashion experiences that aim to revitalize the fashion industry and beyond.

The "Winds of Change" event was more than just a launch party; it was a testament to the power of art and nature to inspire change and foster a deeper connection with our environment. Attendees left with a renewed sense of appreciation for the natural world and the incredible efforts being made to preserve it.

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Photos by Neesmith Onzeur

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