Minds.et Announces Global Launch of Mental Health & Self-Development App

June 11, 2024 7:11 PM EDT | Source: Ascend Agency

Trondheim, Norway--(Newsfile Corp. - June 11, 2024) - Revolutionary app company Minds.et AS launches globally for mental health and self-development. It was founded by Hartvig Tryggvason Reinfjord, Konrad Tryggvason Reinfjord, and Elias Lamo, three serial entrepreneurs from Norway, behind companies like SSEO.com, HKMarked.no, Documenting.com, and many more. This unique platform was created to help its users live better lives, and in a move toward expanded accessibility, the company has unveiled its new app.

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The app was designed with the idea that mental health care and self-improvement should be available to everyone, regardless of their location. Founded just last year, Minds.et is already moving toward its goal of extinguishing societal barriers and mental health stigmas. The founders hope to use their platform to extend support worldwide, making mental healthcare available regardless of socio-economic status, location, or social background.

Minds.et's team has been putting in extended working hours to develop this unique app. Their hard work became an innovative solution, giving users the freedom to take control of their own mental health care. In an increasingly digital age, the Minds.et platform leverages technology for the good of people globally, allowing accessible support through the simple use of a smartphone.

Minds.et is proud to announce the launch of this highly anticipated mobile app to revolutionize how people seek support and care for their mental well-being. The new Minds.et app is a game-changer that blends innovation with healthcare and convenience.

It features a user-friendly interface that brings invaluable resources on personalized mental health care and self-development directly to users' fingertips. With just a few taps, users can access a wealth of information, tools, and resources customized to their individual mental health needs. In this way, the app empowers its users to take charge of their mental health journey and live better lives.

Before the platform's launch, the marketing videos on social media profiles has already reached over 580,000 unique plays and increased traffic and interest from the company's target audience. This is strong feedback that there is a need for services like this.

One of the outstanding features of this Minds.et app is its ability to stream lessons from psychologists and mental health coaches, allowing users to engage with them directly. This direct access to mental health care professionals ensures that every user receives the kind of support and guidance they need whenever and wherever they need it.

At Minds.et, the goal is to make mental health support widely available to people from different corners of the world. This new app is a significant step by the platform that has helped it inch closer to this goal. With a belief that everyone deserves access to the resources they need to live a happy and healthy life, Minds.et has designed this app that is changing it into a reality.

About Minds.et AS:

Minds.et is a company based in Trondheim, Norway. It was founded in 2023 with a mission to make mental health support widely available to all by breaking down barriers and changing societal taboos associated with mental health issues. Through its pioneering online platform and the newly launched innovative mobile app, Minds.et is revolutionizing the way individuals perceive mental health and access mental health support and self-development resources.

For more information about Minds.et and the new mobile app, visit Minds.et.

The platform offers streaming of psychology lessons and one-on-one bookings.

Visit www.minds.et, where you can register as a free user or buy a subscription and get full access to over 100 videos to use this fantastic solution.

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Hartvig Reinfjord
Trondheim, Norway

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