Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Provides a Statement on the Market Response to Recent Company Milestones and Shareholder Communications

May 15, 2024 5:30 PM EDT | Source: Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.

Ann Arbor, Michigan--(Newsfile Corp. - May 15, 2024) - Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB) ("Company"), announces that it remains proud to share information relating to its recent progress and the resounding success of the spring production trials. The Company has been and will continue to be active in its investor awareness program to ensure that our shareholders and the public are updated with our accomplishments and plans for the immediate future.

At the request of OTC Markets Group, the Company has reviewed its investor relations (IR) program and recent publications to ensure that it is holding its IR program and all vendors to our strict guidelines and expectations. The Company was made aware on May 13 of an editorial on 24/7 Market News highlighting recent advancements in spider silk production and the potential impacts on the market. This publication was drafted by a third-party contractor hired by the Company's IR team and included a full disclosure of financial compensation as required. While the Company did not have editorial control over the recent publication on 24/7 Market News, the documents that we have reviewed, in our opinion, are truthful and factual.

Our policy requires our IR providers to fully and completely disclose any compensation they receive and that all information is factual, or if an honestly held opinion, is stated as an opinion. Beyond the strict legal compliance our IR providers maintain, we have recently requested that they eliminate suggestions about how our operational breakthroughs may impact market responses.

Kraig Labs has long-standing and productive working relationships with Hansel Capital and Karolus Maximus Kapital. These two firms provide the Company with support for shareholder inquiries and investor relations services. The Company has hired and directed these two supporting firms to create and provide shareholders and the public with updates and news on the Company's progress. We are very aware of the added burden our strict compliance policies place on these contractors and thank them for their work and efforts.

With a series of production breakthroughs in the first quarter and early second quarter of 2024, the Company has significantly increased communication efforts to share these successes with its shareholders and the markets. The Company remains committed to delivering its vision of metric-ton scale manufacturing of spider silk.

As an SEC-compliant, fully reporting public Company, we hold the highest standards for reporting and public disclosure. No Company officers, insiders, control persons, or contracted third-party providers have traded in the Company's common stock over the last 90 days. No shares of the Company's common stock have been issued to any party in the last 90 days. The Company's CEO did acquire one restricted non-tradable preferred share in April 2024. As a part of its reporting requirements, all stock sales, convertible instruments, registered offerings, or private placements have been reported in our public filings found on the Company's website or through the SEC EDGAR system.

Our shareholders can expect us to continue to work diligently to improve our fundamentals and share the Company's progress through all available and appropriate channels.

Our recent announcements regarding the success of the spring production trials were a major milestone for the Company and represent a strong shift to scaled production. The Company believes that the improvements in our fundamentals and spreading of the word of these positive changes, including our advancements in production through our website, press release, and investor relations providers, have significantly impacted our market dynamics. This is an exciting time for Kraig Labs, and we believe there is a bright future for the Company and recombinant spider silk.

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About Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (, a reporting biotechnology company is the leading developer of genetically engineered spider silk based fiber technologies.

The Company has achieved a series of scientific breakthroughs in the area of spider silk technology with implications for the global textile industry.

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