Announcing the Launch of MediaValet Templating - Boasting Strong In-App Templating Capabilities, Powered by Marq

May 01, 2024 8:55 AM EDT | Source: MediaValet Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - May 1, 2024) - MediaValet (MV), a leading provider of enterprise digital asset management (DAM), video content management and creative operations software - in partnership with Marq, a leader in brand templating and enablement software - has launched MediaValet Templating, powered by Marq. This innovative feature merges MediaValet's robust capabilities with Marq's advanced templating system, significantly accelerating content use and amplifying the value of the creative content developed by marketing and creative teams.

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Preview of MediaValet Templating

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With this launch, Marq's innovative templating system is seamlessly layered into MediaValet's enterprise DAM, creating a powerhouse solution that supercharges content-at-scale to drive business impact. Marketing teams can convert designs into branded templates, enabling their entire organization to customize content on the fly for their target audiences via the DAM, while preserving brand integrity. Tailored specifically for creative users, it empowers marketing, sales, and other stakeholders to manage their copy requests within a single solution.

This innovative solution revolutionizes content creation by empowering every team to self-serve their content requests, resulting in quicker turnaround times and increased productivity. It makes the democratization of valuable marketing content a reality, which in turn accelerates growth and optimizes return on investment. Additionally, it frees up time for creatives to focus on other high-priority tasks and strategic initiatives.

  • Easy access to assets with powerful search: Leverage advanced search and AI to find and add assets, from a pool that can includes every piece of valuable content you've ever created, to your templates in seconds.
  • Enhanced approval processes: Ensure that new content goes through the necessary review and approval process, enhancing quality control.
  • Lockable content elements: Protect critical information from unauthorized modifications and manages the integrity of the brand.
  • Simplified sharing to social: Quickly and simply share final, approved content to social media platforms.

MediaValet Templating offers significant value to MediaValet creative teams everywhere. Users can create adaptable templates right within their MediaValet DAM under the Templating tab and can also easily leverage all the images from their library within the newly created templates.

"We're thrilled to combine the powerful templating capabilities of Marq with the streamlined search and sharing capabilities of MediaValet to deliver MediaValet Templating," said Owen Fuller, CEO of Marq. "This will deliver immense value to MediaValet and Marq customers alike - shaping the future of content creation and acceleration. We help businesses to realize their full creative potential, and this is a quantum leap forward in that direction."

Templating is but one component of MediaValet's comprehensive creative work management features. The multiplier effect of MediaValet and Marq becomes exponential when combined with MediaValet's Wrike connector to add powerful collaborative work management. The combination of these best-of-breed solutions creates an unbeatable suite, revolutionizing collaborative work management and empowering organizations with a 10x marketing multiplier effect. This suite offers an end-to-end solution that guides customers from ideation through creation to distribution and monetization, empowering teams to unleash creative output at an unprecedented scale.

The combined efforts of these platforms are a powerful force multiplier, enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of every creative and marketing department, every piece of content they create, and every employee in their organization. With Wrike, MediaValet, and now Marq working seamlessly together, clients can experience unparalleled productivity levels in the dynamic landscape of marketing and creativity.

"Cultivating creativity and securely accelerating content at scale requires the right tools and platforms. With MediaValet, Wrike and now Marq, teams can unleash their imagination without constraints, enabling their entire organization to act as an extension of their marketing team," said Rob Chase, CEO of MediaValet. "In doing this, organizations can expect 10x results: 10x the impact of the marketing team; 10x the reach of your marketing programs; and 10x the value from the content you create. We continually hear exactly this from our power-users and are keen to ensure all our customers experience this empowering effect. We're excited to be partnering with Marq to launch MediaValet Templates and to make this vision a reality."

About MediaValet
MediaValet is a leading provider of enterprise digital asset management, video management, and creative operations software, empowering teams to deliver content-at-scale and drive business impact with their digital assets. MediaValet enables organizations to expand their content library without constraints, ensuring optimal discoverability through categories, keywords, AI-tags and more. Recognized as the undisputed leader in DAM security, MediaValet is trusted by over 500 global organizations to safeguard their digital assets.

About Marq
Marq is a leader in brand enablement software, revolutionizing how businesses create, manage, and distribute branded content. Marq's innovative platform empowers non-designers to create on-brand content from a library of brand templates, so creative teams can get more time back for strategic work that grows the brand, and end users can get personalized content to market faster. With features like content locking and data automation, as well as robust team management capabilities, Marq helps businesses of any size scale content creation while maintaining brand consistency.

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