Mexican Singer Junior H Releases New Song, A Tu Manera

Junior H, in collaboration with Peso Pluma, is the artist behind the song currently trending at number 1 on Spotify in Mexico.

February 26, 2024 10:00 AM EST | Source: Media Feature

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - February 26, 2024) - Antonio Herrera Pérez, known professionally as Junior H, has released his new song "A Tu Manera". The new song features the winner of the male new artist award at the Premio Lo Nuestro 2024, Peso Pluma, who, together with Junior, is currently spearheading the corridos tumbados movement. The song has been produced by Jimmy Humilde and combines bolero-esque guitar chords with a bachata-inspired rhythm. The distinctive musical fusion artist Junior H is trending at the number 1 spot on Spotify in Mexico.

In addition to his contributions to the corridos tumbados movement, Junior H has also created and pioneered the Sad Corrido movement. This innovative genre blends traditional corrido themes with a melancholic tone, reflecting on personal and emotional experiences. Many artists are now following in his footsteps, embracing and contributing to the Sad Corrido movement. Junior H's ability to innovate within traditional music genres has established him as a trendsetter and a source of inspiration for fellow musicians.

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In a statement to the media, Junior H stated, "I'm very excited to release the new song for fans across the planet. The composition captures the complexities of unspoken emotions and the longing for connection. Fans who have ever experienced unrequited love will find solace in the track. The response from fans to the release has been very overwhelming."

A Tu Manera reflects the shared creative vision of Junior H and Peso Pluma, who, with the backing of Jimmy Humilde, pay homage to this subgenre of corridos that has been a significant boom on the mainstream Latin scene across the globe.

Junior H provided insight into the collaborative process of working with Peso Pluma, "A Tu Manera was a natural progression in our artistic journey. We wanted to explore a sound that resonates with the narrative's emotional core. The combination of bachata elements and bolero-esque guitar chords allowed us to convey the rawness of an unrequited love story. The song talks about the intricacies of desire, with lyrics expressing the willingness to endure emotional pain to be with someone."

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The song's video on YouTube has already gotten over 4.1 million views in just a few days.

Talking to the press, Jimmy Humilde commented, "A Tu Manera speaks to the evolving artistry of Junior and his commitment to bringing something new to the world of music. Fans will love the fresh wave of musical innovation within corridos tumbados that Junior H proudly leads."

A Tu Manera is currently streaming on several platforms for those interested in the song.

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