Monasia Announces New "Nurturing Mental Health in Nature's Embrace" Event

January 18, 2024 9:08 PM EST | Source: Ascend Agency

Monaco City, Monaco--(Newsfile Corp. - January 18, 2024) - The MonAsia Association has announced its new "Nurturing Mental Health in Nature's Embrace" event, which will co-occur online and in person on Thursday, January 25th, 2024. The event's goal is to provide education about the role of pollinators and to draw inspiration from the natural world. The event's organizers hope attendees will rediscover their bond with nature by connecting and learning alongside interested peers.

"Inspired by the Bee Camino project, MonAsia brings you a transformative experience connecting nature and mindfulness," says the MonAsia Association. "Join us on this transformative journey named 'Nurturing Mental Health in Nature's Embrace,' as we draw from the enchanting well of the bee's life-a source of wisdom, sustainability, and a profound connection to the intricate rhythms of our planet."

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The one-day event will feature world-class expert speakers. A morning presentation will occur at 10 am, a half-hour break at 11:30 am, and an afternoon presentation at noon.

Dr. Jeff Ollerton, the Visiting Professor of Biodiversity at the University of Northampton (UK) and the Kunming Institute of Botany (China), has over 30 years of experience as a scientist and educator. He authored two recent books, Pollinators & Pollination: Nature and Society and Birds & Flowers: An Intimate 50 Million-Year-Old Relationship. He has a world-class reputation as an expert in biodiversity and plant-pollinator interactions.

Dr. Ollerton will present "Why Are Pollinators Important?" at 10 am. This presentation will describe and identify pollinators, explore their diversity and pollination process, and reveal their impacts on the planet and human society.

Karin Blak, a writer, qualified facilitator, and therapist with over 20 years of experience, is the author of The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy and The Google Wellness Journal and has published many articles about mental health, relationships, and mindfulness. Her writing specializes in improving quality of life by exploring the connection between the self and the natural world that surrounds the self.

Karin Blak will present "What is a Mindful Connection?" starting at noon. This presentation will help attendees connect with nature mindfully, discuss the benefits of such a connection, provide opportunities to practice this mindfulness and explore how such a connection can be practiced going forward.

Those interested in attending this event should RSVP soon to secure their spot and use the link below: Register Here.

About the MonAsia Association:

The MonAsia Association is a Monégasque non-profit association that aims to "build a better, greener, and fairer new world while preserving, as much as possible, the existing economic and social structure." To this end, MonAsia organizes conferences, debates, and other events inside the Principality of Monaco and beyond. They strive to create an international community of stakeholders committed to implementing Sustainable Development Goals and CSR into the practices and values of people across the world. Through education, cultural projects, and community growth, the MonAsia Association contributes to sustainable development.

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